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Sunday, February 11, 2001
Genital 68K 0.22! (0 messages)
It seems bart has been quite busy working on his projects this weekend. This time he has updated his Motorola 68K emulator, Genital 68K updating it to version 0.22. You can get it from the link above. This new version adds a PC-relative read mode, has some unused data removed and more. This isn't a bug-fix release so [...more]
Final Burn 0.097! (53 messages)
Final Burn has been updated to version 0.097! You can download it from the Emulator Download Section here at EmuViews. For most people, this won't have what they were looking for, support for "Super Street Fighter II". But what many have dreamed for, better "Thunder Blade" support is here. There's more objects shown [...more]
Bliss shows it's stuff... (1 messages)
Do you want to take a sneak peek at what you will be seeing in the next version of Bliss? Then just visit the website and look at the nice looking dialog box that will be used for input configuration. The author also mentions that there might even be a release tomorrow (today!). I also missed an update on the 8th of [...more]
NESten 0.61 Beta 1! (0 messages)
TNSe has done it again! He has released a new version of NESten, one of the coolest NES emulators out there. You can download this Windows emulator from the Emulator Download Page. Hard to believe it has been almost 10 months since the previous version. There's many changes including FDS support, improved timing, external [...more]
Genital 1.1! (0 messages)
Bart has released a new version of Genital! You can download version 1.1 from the Emulator Download Page. There's lots of changes included in this release. Some highlights include: addition of a Z80 debugger, modified Genecyst save state management, GYM logging, layers can now be toggled individually, quicker and more [...more]
Saturday, February 10, 2001
PCSX for Linux!?! (0 messages)
Thinking about PCSX for a long time trying to figure out where they went to? Fear no more as it seems they have been hard at work on a Linux port of this Playstation emulator! A screenshot of it running is available at the PCSX website (linked above). The port should be released soon! It supports Pete's Mesa plug-in [...more]
When will U64 be updated? (3 messages)
Wondering about the U64 emulation project? The website was finally updated today with some small F.A.Q. style questions and answers. The most important to most would probably be "When will the next version be released?". The answer? Probably during Spring, "maybe in a month or two". Definitely encouraging although there [...more]
Friday, February 09, 2001
Emulation Music (2 messages)
I was very glad to receive a note from musician Robert Luben regarding some music tracks that he has created that make good use of Arcade sound effects. His site is on, thus some of his tracks are available for listening and download. Specially check tracks "Circuitry" which even uses voices from "Gorf" and "Robot [...more]
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