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Sunday, February 18, 2001
Z26 1.43! (0 messages)
Almost a month since his last release, John Saeger releases version 1.43 of Z26, a very cool Atari 2600 emulator. You can download the executable from the Emulator Download Page while the source is available for download from the Z26 page (linked above). This version prevents users from creating 'impossible' joystick [...more]
Bliss 1.42! (0 messages)
Out of not being able to sleep, Kyle manages to release a new version of Bliss. You can download the usual packages from the Bliss site. This is a 'relatively minor' release targetted at cleaning up a few bugs and an issue with input polling. Now inputs poll only once per frame, fixes a lockup problem with Windows 2000 [...more]
Mimic Update... (4 messages)
BeaverMan is back to his weekend coding and of course an update at the Mimic website was in order. The first update of the weekend dealt with the no-ROMs change at Guruchoc's Arcade ROM Heaven. That definitely is a blow to the whole emulation scene, and it was discouraging to Michael to say the least. On the Mimic [...more]
TGEmu (0 messages)
Another PC Engine emulator hits the scene! And just like Pocket Engine, it's hosted here! tgemu is an emulator by Charles MacDonald of SMS Plus fame among many other emulation projects! You can download the first release from the Emulator Download Page. The source is available from Charles page, and already a Mac [...more]
Saturday, February 17, 2001
Modeler 0.1.1a! (9 messages)
It seems that Modeler is also on the fast track with fairly frequent updates these days. Version 0.1.1a was released today and you can download it from the Emulator Download Page. This version disabels debug logging which should help those with slow hard drives to speed up the emulator, fixes another slowdown problem, [...more]
Final Burn 0.101! (29 messages)
I'd say Dave is back to his old self with yet another release of Final Burn, this time with support for "Alien vs. Predator". You can download this new version from the Emulator Download Page. The ROM naming structure has also been changed to match MAME's and there's some new options to block sound and music in most [...more]
Friday, February 16, 2001
Pocket Engine Released! (1 messages)
A new TurboGrafx/16 / PC Engine emulator hits the scene! This time, for Pocket PCs though. The name of the game is Pocket Engine which pretty much turns your Windows CE device into a Turbo Express. Right now, the only Windows CE device supported is the awesome Compaq iPaq so if you're one of the lucky owners, be sure [...more]
Final Burn 0.100! (40 messages)
Final Burn is in the update track once again with three new releases! You can download version 0.100 from the Emulator Download Page. CPS2 emulation is back! This time, the new features include support for: "Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers" and "Marvel Super Heroes". Version 0.100 corrects the "Marvel [...more]
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