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Sunday, March 04, 2001
No More ROMs... for now... (1 messages)
Update (4/10): Read this. That's the main reason why I took the ROMs offline.
Some of you might have already noticed that there is no way to download ROMs from this site anymore. This is something that I have been contemplating for months now, and just made the decision today. From now on, for the first time since EmuViews [...more]
Saturday, March 03, 2001
MESS 0.37b12! (16 messages)
I almost miss this! MESS has been updated to version 0.37b12! You can download this latest release from the Emulator Download Page. Other than synchronizing the source with the latest DOS build from two weeks ago, this version has no new system drivers. There's some changes in the KC85/4, ORIC and COCO 3 drivers among some other minor changes. Nevertheless, it's the latest MESS, so get your download going. [comments]
Final Burn 0.110! (20 messages)
Another release at CPS2Shock triggers yet another version of Final Burn. You can download this latest version as usual from the While the last two games may not be on the hot games list, I'm sure these releases are very welcomed. The new game supported is called "Quiz Nanairo Dreams" which only plays in Japanese. Japanese players enjoy! [comments]
GENS 0.95a! (2 messages)
Stephane has released a bug fix version to update yesterday's GENS binary. You can download this latest version from the Emulator Download Page. The fix for this release is just to cover a "Fido Dido" ROM. That's all that's mentioned about it, so you may not necessarily want to download it. If you didn't get yesterday's release, then you might as well get this new one. Enjoy! [comments]
Kablooey 0.95b! (0 messages)
Shane R. Monroe has updated Kablooey to version 0.95b! This version was mostly released due to user requests for this classic game remake! As usual, there's some bug fixes as well. Now you can change the music volume, as well as the type of music. There's also a new Visual bomb counter that lets you keep track of the [...more]
Final Burn 0.109! (14 messages)
As many of you were probably expecting, a new version of Final Burn has been released! You can download version 0.109 from the Emulator Download Page right now! As expected, this version supports: "Slammasters II - Ring of Destruction". It also adds region switches for: "Alien vs. Predator", "Marvel Super Heroes", [...more]
Friday, March 02, 2001
RockNES 1.820! (2 messages)
Fx3 has done it again with a new RockNES release. You can download version 1.820 from the Emulator Download Page. This release happens only two days after the previous version! However, that was enough for Master Fx3 to rewrite most of the MMC5 code, add MMC5 RAM saving/loading, make some changes cosmetically among [...more]
Official Bliss News (1 messages)
Even though my well positioned spies got most of this info from Bliss for the Rumor Mill, now you know it's official. The Bliss website was updated today with details on the Intellivoice emulation. However, there's more stuff that my spies didn't capture. The sound emulation has been greatly improved to include "modeling [...more]
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