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Monday, March 05, 2001
Visual Boy 1.4.9! (1 messages)
A new version of Visual Boy has been released to the public! You can download version 1.4.9 from the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version fixes "Lego Racers" and "Harley Davidson" among others. New features include the ability to size the window, different sound settings for slower computers, 24bit and [...more]
Calice 0.1.2! (3 messages)
If you were wondering where the Calice website had gone to, then fear no more as it has been moved to a new host, as well as re-designed! To celebrate, version 0.1.2 has been released as well! You can download this new version from the Emulator Download Page as usual! This version adds drivers for: "Warriors of Fate", [...more]
More RockNES!!! (1 messages)
What does two more days mean to Fx3? Another release! RockNES has been updated once again by Fx3 to version 1.830! You can download this latest release from the Emulator Download Page. This will be the last 1.8xx version for this cycle. There's some fixes included, as well as the addition of saving PRG data when no [...more]
Bliss 1.5! (5 messages)
Kyle Davis has once again updated his nice Intellivision emulator, Bliss! You can get version 1.5 from the link above. This version includes Intellivoice support (as scooped on the Rumor Mill) as well as a major DirectX performance bug fix. It also has more accurate sound, new language translations and more! There's [...more]
Sunday, March 04, 2001
PSoneEmu does KOF99! (12 messages)
PSoneEmu is a new Playstation emulator that recently hit the scene. Just today, it finally had it's first playable commercial game. The title of the game is: "The King of Fighters '99". The game loads fine and you can control the character. You can check out the site to see a good number of screenshots from the game [...more]
More Kablooey! (5 messages)
It seems Shane R. Monroe is enjoying his programming a lot! A new version of Kablooey has been released! You can get it from the above linked site. This new version now allows Bandit to scroll a bit more smoothly and flames come out of the paddle when you catch them. As with the previous release, these new features came [...more]
Follow Up on the No ROMs (467 messages)
Update (4/10): Read this. That's the main reason why I took the ROMs offline.
Since there were so many comments posted on the "No ROMs" news from last night, I thought it would be best for me to post a follow-up on the main page to clear a few of the points that seemed to pop-up more consistently. The first one being [...more]
Mimic Update! (31 messages)
The Mimic website has been updated once again with some progress on the development of this multi-arcade game emulator. There has been an additional fix done on the SMS driver which triggered an update on the compatibility list, so you can check that out to see what games work now. Also, Beaverman seems to be on the [...more]
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