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Saturday, March 10, 2001
FPSE coming soon? (1 messages)
The FPSE site was updated today with a good number of screenshots originating from the emulator playing a game called "Darkstone". While I am not familiar with the game, it does look quite good. The update goes on to say that a release should happen soon! So if I were you, I would be expecting a new version of this Playstation [...more]
Friday, March 09, 2001
Calice 0.1.4! (3 messages)
Another Capcom emulator was updated today, and that one would be Calice. You can download version 0.1.4 for DOS and/or Windows from the Calice site as I can't seem to get a download going. This new version adds support for a good number of "Street Fighter II" games (and revisions) raising the total of games supported [...more]
Final Burn 0.111! (29 messages)
Jeesh! I finally found some time to post some news. A new version of Final Burn has been released! You can download version 0.111 from the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version supports the recently decrypted game "19XX". Dave mentions in the whatsnew.txt file that the emulator isn't really built for vertical games. This version is his first attempt at handling games like this. Try it out! [comments]
Thursday, March 08, 2001
Mimic does Super GX! (1 messages)
The Mimic website was updated today with news about a newly supported game that had not been emulated yet! The title of the game is "Super GX" and seems to be a variation of "Phoenix". Check out the website from the news straight from the source as well as a couple of screenshots. [comments]
MAME.DK is no more... (85 messages)
Some sad news developed today, as the best site to get MAME ROMs from, MAME.DK was put offline today. Apparently, their ISP couldn't hold the site online anymore, since they hadn't received payment for a while. MAME.DK had not received payment for a while from the supporting banner companies, so they couldn't really afford [...more]
Wednesday, March 07, 2001
ePSXe 1.2.0! (9 messages)
Believe it or not, it's been one year already since ePSXe came onto the scene! This is one high quality Playstation emulator and I can't wait to try out this new version. You can download it from the Emulator Download Page. It includes better analog pad emulation and Force Feedback! There's also Save State support [...more]
Tuesday, March 06, 2001
About Capcom @ Final Burn's (39 messages)
I'm not sure how long this has been sitting there at the Final Burn but in one of my many visits to the site, I noticed an "About Capcom" link sitting right on the sidebar. I clicked on it to see what it was all about and there it was, a very cool four page story about Capcom and some of their classic arcade games. It's [...more]
Calice 0.1.3 for DOS & Windows! (1 messages)
Maybe it has something to do with the name Dave? David Raingeard has released yet another version of Calice, the Capcom system one emulator. Now, there's a Windows version as well! You can download Calice for either platform from the Emulator Download Page. Other than being the first version with a Windows port, there's [...more]
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