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Monday, March 12, 2001
New DreamSNES! (2 messages)
A new version of DreamSNES has been released! Version 0.9.4 offers quite a bit of improvements over the previous release, although not a huge speed improvement as many had hoped. There's a new full screen mode added as well as some new music by Jan Warnstam. There's other changes so be sure to visit the website to learn all about this new version. Dreamcast owners enjoy. [comments]
Sunday, March 11, 2001
Some Modeler news... (9 messages)
The Impact/Modeler site was updated yesterday with some news regarding Modeler, as well as some changes on the site. As far as Modeler releases go, we shouldn't expect one in a while as Farfetch'd is kind of busy with other things. Good news however did arrive, including the removal of the garbage by the bottom of the [...more]
Laser Emulation goes DCEmu (3 messages)
The site known as Laser Emulation, previously devoted to Video game emulation news and the Laser emulator coded by Lopantu has made a shift in direction. The site will now be devoted to all things related to Dreamcast emulation, while staying away from the 'warez' type of stuff that is usually found with some Dreamcast [...more]
MameCE3 version 9.0! (0 messages)
A new version of MameCE3 has been released to the public! You may download version 9.0 from the MameCE3 site which is hosted by MAME World. This brings the long awaited auto-installation file, which helps tremendously in the easy of use of this emulator. The GUI has been re-designed as well and also has some nice speed [...more]
Some RockNES bits... (0 messages)
Some news that I missed and should have posted about... RockNES was ported to Linux and version 1.830 was released. The official Linux port page for RockNES can be found here. Secondly, Fx3 has released version 2.0 Beta 1 of Visine, his "Megaman" level editor. Not much has changed since December, but there's Object support now, as well as some fixes. Check out the RockNES site for all the details! [comments]
Schibo's last 1964! (1 messages)
Schibo has released his last version of 1964 as he retires to work full time on TR64! You can download this latest binary from the Emulator Download Page right now! Schibo has also released the source so that it's picked up by some talented programmers in hopes of the project continuing and living to it's potential. [...more]
Bliss in C++? Soon! (2 messages)
Well, I did get a few reports in for a Rumor Mill to be posted on Thursday. However, I was so busy with everything that I didn't manage to post anything. One of those reports was the up and coming C++ port of Bliss! Yes, this awesome Intellivision emulator is going to have a C++ version available soon! This will probably [...more]
Saturday, March 10, 2001
MAME 0.37b13! (53 messages)
As rumored in the dark alleys of the emulation scene, a new version of MAME has been released! You can download the official binary from the Emulator Download Page. There's quite a good number of new games supported, including "Overdrive", "Chequered Flag", and "Asterix" among others. Here's the complete list as I [...more]
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