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Tuesday, March 20, 2001
Impact News... (20 messages)
The Impact / Specs section was updated today with a very interesting work-in-progess list. The list aims to detail every game that are based on the PSX based arcade boards that Impact emulates. Please note that this is not a list of games that Impact emulates, although they're good candidates for emulation in the future. [...more]
Jum52 goes BeOS (0 messages)
If you're a Jum52 and BeOS user, you're in luck. A BeOS port of the emulator has been done by 'Caz' and you can get it from Caz's Website or BeEmulated. BeEmulated has to be the #1 source for all things emulation on the BeOS platform. Caz has also other porting projects on his resume such as GnuBoy. Actually, there's [...more]
Kablooey 1.15! (6 messages)
Shane R. Monroe just e-mailed to inform that a new version of Kablooey! has been released! You can download version 1.15 from the link above. This version fixes the reverse-stereo sound that people like me were experiencing (yes, I had to play one more time 'just to verify'). Other small bugs that you probably noticed [...more]
Monday, March 19, 2001
PSInex doing commercial games... (0 messages)
The PSInex website was updated today as well with some nice looking screenshots taken from two commercial games running on the emulator. The games are: "Pang 3" and "Vandal Hearts". You will find three screenshots from each game on the website. These games are working thanks for the most part to contributions from a [...more]
NeoPocott SDL 0.4 News (0 messages)
The NeoPocott website was updated today with news about version 0.4 of the SDL NeoPocott. New additions include the multiple screenshot saving capability as well as the multiple save-state feature. Judge's code has not been added yet, but only because it hasn't been received yet. The post ends with a nice announcement of a possible SDL release to happen soon, so stay tuned for that in the near future. [comments]
Sunday, March 18, 2001
Atani is back! (almost) (1 messages)
The Atani Software page was updated today by Atani, as he's almost back from being offline for almost 3 weeks! The update includes current information about the various projects he works on: SegaEMU, Raine32 and Generator32. Among the updates, you'll be happy to know he's working on supporting the Ages Save State (ASS) [...more]
Final Burn 0.112! (26 messages)
Dave has released a new version of Final Burn. You can download version 0.112 from the Emulator Download Page as usual. The only change on this release, is support for "Cyberbots" which was decrypted recently by the cool guys at CPS2Shock. Be sure to download and enjoy! [comments]
Virtual GameBoy 2.1 Released (1 messages)
I just got a note from Marat Fayzullin about version 2.1 of Virtual GameBoy being released. This new version has the usual fixes, and additions you're used to seeing from Marat on his releases. They seem a bit too technical for me to try to make any sense out of them here (not to mention it's 2 in the morning). You can download the trial versions for various operating systems from the link above. [comments]
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