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Monday, March 26, 2001
Kaillera & Nemu? (5 messages)
It seems Kaillera is taking the emulation world by storm! The latest emulator to incorporate it's network play features is none other than Nemu64! You can read a post by Lemmy on the Nemu message board which tells about his first experience working with his emulator over the net. I'm sure glad that Network play is [...more]
Nebula Countdown... (0 messages)
It seems, the new CPS-2 emulator known as Nebula will make it's entrance into the world in less than a week, on March 31st. A countdown has been set on the link above. There's also more information on the emulator on the right sidebar for those of you fortunate enough to know Spanish. However, most of it is easily understood [...more]
CCS64 2.0b for DOS & Windows (1 messages)
The Commodore emulator known as CCS64 has been updated again, although it still wears the same version number is has had for the past year or so. You can download both the DOS and Windows versions from the Emulator Download Page. This version fixes a bug with some cartridges like "Buck Rogers" while adding support [...more]
Sunday, March 25, 2001
Visual Boy 1.4.10! (1 messages)
Visual Boy has been updated to version 1.4.10 today! You can download the regular version from the Emulator Download Page while the DirectX version is available for download from the Visual Boy site (linked above). New in this version is a problem fix for the saved games, and the changing of the Window title when changing [...more]
Saturday, March 24, 2001
WinUAE News... (9 messages)
The WinUAE website was updated today with a status update about the next version, 0.8.16. This version now has "Direct" mode for JIT. It also has virtual Picasso96 screens, merged changes from the core UAE tree, support for multiple mice is being worked on, MIDI Input support and more. Check out the site through the [...more]
Modeler news... (5 messages)
While news about a possible new release of Modeler are non-existent, there have been continuous updates to the website. The latest update includes some new pictures from "Outrunners" although there still many issues with the colors and graphics. There's also some cool looking shots from the Four player version of "Golden [...more]
New YAPE! (0 messages)
Cool! Another emulator release for the day! This time, it's YAPE, the Commodore Plus/4 emulator. You can download version 0.32 from the link above. The list of changes is quite long. Within it, you'll find a new pause key has been added, the sound emulation has been reworked, new ditized sound emulation (although still [...more]
Kaillera 0.71! (1 messages)
Kaillera has been updated to version 0.71! This new version offers some very much wanted changes. The one that most people will like is that all players involved in a network game can play using "Player 1" controls! The network code has also been improved a bit on both the client and server sides, and more! Check out the site for more details and for the downloads. Enjoy! [comments]
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