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Wednesday, March 28, 2001
The Rumor Mill! (31 messages)
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, it's time once again to gather around the fire, and look what good'ol Qmeister has in the bag this week from Rumorland. Finally things seem to have picked up in the sense of news, and I've managed to use the spare time to catch up with work, which translates on more free time for spyi... [...more]
More Modeler News (4 messages)
It seems the Modeler website is seeing more and more regular action these days than ever! There have been two updates during the past few days which mention some new features in the emulator. The first one on yesterday's update was about compressed Save States. The one mentioned today was controller input recording & [...more]
4TRIS @ Philly Classic (6 messages)
Good news for those attending the Phylly Classic, "The East Coast Classic Gamer's Event". While I just learned about this event, I'm happy to report that a special edition of the 4TRIS Intellivision cartridge will be available from Joe Zbiciak! He will be building 30 of those special edition cartridges for the show, [...more]
New Question @ The Views (5 messages)
It's been a long time since I ever added a new poll to The Views but I'm sure this one will interest you. Since I feel I've finally caught up with real life and work, I think it's time to start doing some work on the site. The Message Board re-write is on schedule, but I would also like to start to put life back into [...more]
Tuesday, March 27, 2001
SMS Power is 4! (0 messages)
I got a note from Zoop today telling me about SMS Power turning 4 years old! It was four years ago today that a site called SMS Camp was created by Zoop, which eventually morphed a few times, spawned other sites, and is known today as SMS Power. Zoop has definitely been riding the SMS wave for some time now, and I'm [...more]
JAE Adds Lode Runner! (0 messages)
After almost half a year of inactivity, JAE sees the addition of a new driver to it's lineup. The latest entry is none other than Irem's "Lode Runner". This is a highly addictive classic that got ported to nearly every gaming system that has ever existed, including sequels and new remakes for newer consoles. You can [...more]
PSinex WIP Pictures! (1 messages)
It seems the author of PSinex is very happy with the results of his emulator. The latest update from today includes tons of pictures of the emulator in action! I should rephrase... Great looking pictures of the emulator in action. Some of the games shown include: "Tekken 3", "Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX", "NBA In The Zone [...more]
Mimic News! (0 messages)
The Mimic was finally updated after two weeks of silence. In the update, Beaverman mentions that he has been quite busy with real life and work, however he has been working on his emulator on and off in the meantime. There's a newly added diagnostic mode which is useful for development. A new title has been added and [...more]
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