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Saturday, March 31, 2001
Nebula 1.0a! (29 messages)
Update: Version 1.0a has been uploaded into the Emulator Download page. This fixes a few things.
As promised, the first version of Nebula (notice this link goes to EmuGenerations which was where the original release took place) has been released! You can get version 1.0 from the Emulator Download Page. If you hadn't [...more]
More Modeler WIP! (5 messages)
Update: The Modeller gallery has been updated once again today to show some progress in Sega's "Outrunners" and a fully working intro of "Hard Dunk". Looking quite nice, so check it out.
The Modeler website was updated once again today with some great news. Two more games are starting to get supported, although they [...more]
Friday, March 30, 2001
SMYNES 1.20 (1 messages)
The first version of SMYNES in over four months has been released. You can download version 1.20 from the Emulator Download Page. This new version has added support for Mapper 5, 96 (and tablet), and 188. It also fixes a problem with Mapper 1, some CPU bugs, sprite hit problem and more. There's also speed optimizations [...more]
System24 Emulator Progress! (3 messages)
If you visit Charles MacDonald's website, you will find that he has been playing again with his System24 emulator! His latest accomplishments? You can go and see for yourself. There are four screenshots from two games: "Hot Rod" and "Quiz Ghost Hunter". While they come from their initial screens (mostly test screens) [...more]
X MAME 0.37b13.1 (0 messages)
XMAME has been updated to version 0.37b13.1. This source tree is available for download from the Emulator Download Page. Please note that this is a MAME only release and does not include the MESS source tree. That will be included once MESS gets up to date and makes a release. Other than getting up to date with the [...more]
Thursday, March 29, 2001
Life on the Snes9x Dev World... (1 messages)
A lengthy update has graced the Snes9x Journal Page. Gary posted a lot of information about the emulation development progress. If you read through it, you will find out why there hasn't been a release in quite a bit of time (even though one was planned to be release some weeks ago) and what the author needs to go through [...more]
PinMAME Released! (7 messages)
Not so long ago, there was a Pinball emulator devoted to emulating all of the Williams Pinball machines. It's name, WPCMAME. Now, a new emulator has been born to replace WPCMAME, and it's called PinMAME. It comes from the same folks that worked on WPCMAME, and it aims to emulate other brands of Pinball machines out [...more]
X-Men vs. Street Fighter (40 messages)
CPS2Shock has made yet a new decryption release of another CPS2 title. This time the honor goes to "X-Men vs. Street Fighter". Emulatronia was showing some pictures from the game yesterday at their site (look for X-Men vs Street Fighter within the text) and they look quite nice. Those of course, are taken from Nebula, [...more]
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