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Wednesday, April 04, 2001
The Rumor Mill! (24 messages)
Well boys and girls, it's time once again for another edition of The Rumor Mill here at JoseQ's EmuViews. Qmeister here with a bag full of rumors for your entertainment. I know you want to know what's in the bag this week, so I'll start with that right away. I've got Sega Arcade Project, I've got GENS, Daedalus, Apollo, [...more]
Final Burn retires... (186 messages)
If you visit the Final Burn website, you'll find a message that may make you feel a bit hollow inside. Dave has discontinued production on his top of the line emulator, Final Burn. Thus, this piece of art retires to the Hall of Fame on the emulation world with Great Honors. The news are indeed sad, but I can definitely [...more]
Amiga in a Box r10! (1 messages)
Just got a note from Chewy Flapjack about the latest update to Amiga in a Box. You can download Release 10 from the Emulator Download Page. The emphasis on this release is 'configurability'. Now you can change iconsets, GUI layouts, color schemes and more. That's not all though as you will find speed increases, and [...more]
Tuesday, April 03, 2001
MacGenerator 0.1.9 (1 messages)
Fans of the Sega Genesis console running on the Macintosh operating system will be glad to know that Richard Bannister has updated Generator to version 0.1.9. This version does fix the bug that caused the emulator not to work under the latest Mac OS. Visit Richard's website for more details and the download. Mac people rejoice! [comments]
Xanadu with Kaillera!!! (7 messages)
Kyle has released version 0.6 of Xanadu with support for Kaillera network play!!! You can get this version from the Bliss site (linked above). This version will also let you play single player games, but you will need to use the command line for that. However, I'm sure you'll want to get a match of "Baseball" or "Boxing" [...more]
Mimic News (3 messages)
The Mimic website was updated overnight. The latest fixes include a bugfix in the "PAL-GLUL" which made "1942" look better, although still not quite playable. Only the correct sprites are missing in that title though. There's also a mention about a change to the "Galaxian" driver which allows you to select the version [...more]
Monday, April 02, 2001
PSInex: When it rains... (0 messages)
When it rains... it definitely pours over at the PSInex website were many more screenshots were posted today. Today was labeled "RPG day" with accompanying screenshots from games like: "Harvest Moon", "Star Ocean" and "Threads of Fate". Like the previous batch of screenshots, these look quite impressive and can only [...more]
ZSNES goes open source! (4 messages)
The ZSNES source code tree, is now a part of the CVS repository known as Source Forge. Thanks to the newest member of the team, Teuf, the ZSNES guys packed everything together into a nicer looking project and submitted it into Source Forge. The update on the ZSNES page also mentions that a binary release will happen [...more]
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