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Saturday, April 07, 2001
Retrobase does Intellivision (1 messages)
The latest addition to the game information collections at Retrobase is one for the Intellivision video game console! Recently brought into the popular eye by Kyle Davis' Bliss, the Intellivision fans all over the world have had a chance to relive their memories. With 151 known games in existence, Retrobase took a [...more]
SegaEMU 0.60 news! (0 messages)
Atani updated his website today with two new screenshots of SegaEMU 0.60 in action! In his update, he mentions that "loads and loads" of new features are going into the next release, then two screenshots of "Sonic 3D Blast" are shown. The shots come from the Linux version running on SuSe. Check out the website for more details and a look at the nicely looking screen captures. [comments]
AGES 0.25a! (1 messages)
As mentioned in the Rumor Mill last Wednesday, a new version of Ages has been released! You can download version 0.25a from the usual place, the Emulator Download Page right now! The list of new stuff included in this emulator is huge! First of all, there's speed improvements starting at 11
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on Intel based CPUs and [...more]
Friday, April 06, 2001
Daedalus 0.02b! (1 messages)
Remember Daedalus? That Nintedo64 emulator I mentioned in the last Rumor Mill. Well, the first and second versions were released today and you can get them from the Emulator Download Page right now! As the version implies, this is a public beta, so don't expect the emulator to be flawless. To get Audio in this emulator, [...more]
NESten & Kaillera News! (1 messages)
TNSe has got Kaillera up and running on his NES emulator NESten. The latest update at the website indicates that there are some tweaks to be made so that NESten users avoid some problems he has experimented but otherwise, synchronization is working good and up to four players are supported! Check out the website for [...more]
Thursday, April 05, 2001
ZSNES Corrected Source Code (1 messages)
It seems that there were some problems when the ZSNES source code was uploaded to Source Forge. Some of the files got corrupted, resulting in some people not being able to get a build to go. This problem has since been fix, so you can re-download the source code if you want to build your own ZSNES. If you're one of those people tinkering with the code, let us know about your adventures here in the comments area. [comments]
Bliss & Xanadu Updated! (6 messages)
Both of Kyle's emulators have been updated with new versions! You can go to the Bliss website and download new releases from Bliss or Xanadu (whichever you prefer). The reason for this quick update? 100
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Compatibility! The two games that were previously not working perfectly: "Dreadnaught Factor" and "Melody Blaster" [...more]
eFront... Gu-Bye... (3 messages)
After a not too long, but definitely agonizing period, eFront will be shutting down it's free hosting servers tonight. You might want to read this article at C|Net where they give more details about what is happening. How is this related to emulation? Well, there are sites like Emusphere among others, that have/had [...more]
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