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Monday, April 09, 2001
Final Burnout (264 messages)
Article written by wooK
"Oh my god, they're literate, so how come nobody reads the fragging FAQ?", Dave might have screamed before running towards the nearest horizon. Nobody with a clue is going to blame a person for bailing from a job that offers little in the way of pay except adulation. More often than not the [...more]
Sunday, April 08, 2001
Huge Modeler Gallery Update! (4 messages)
If you visit the Modeler website today, you will find a whole slew of new screenshots available in the Gallery. The new batch includes shots from "Alien 3: The Gun", "Super Visual Football: European Sega Cup", "Rad Mobile" and "Holosseum" all with greatly improved colors. These are definitely exciting looks at this emulator [...more]
AdriPSX Experimental Release! (0 messages)
While other PSX emulators have had no releases in recent times, AdriPSX has, and states that there will be new public versions every two weeks! Are those great news or what? You can download today's release from the Emulator Download Page. It is labeled as an 'experimental' release since they're toying with some new [...more]
Mimic 1.05! (0 messages)
Would you believe it's been six months since the previous release of Mimic? Well, Beaverman has finally made a public release of his multi-arcade emulator with a version labeled "Sonic Beeps"! You can get version 1.05 from the Emulator Download Page right now! This is the first version of Mimic that has sound! There's [...more]
MESS 0.37b13! (0 messages)
A new version of Mess has been released by the MESSDEV team! You can download version 0.37b13 from the Emulator Download Page. This puts the DOS port in sync with the previous version of MAME as they're still trying to catch up. There's a few new drivers and a couple of changes to existing ones. It's always good to have the latest MESS handy so be sure to download it and enjoy! [comments]
Saturday, April 07, 2001
Screenmania by Opi (3 messages)
After tons and tons of work, Opi has opened his own site, by the name of Screenmania. While Opi is a tireless news poster, this site is not about news, but about screenshots, as the name would imply. It currently has screenshots from SNES, Arcade, Gameboy Color and C64 games online. How many? Would you believe thousands?? [...more]
Nebula 1.1! (25 messages)
Action packed Saturday continues with a new version of Nebula being released! This CPS2 emulator was released at Emulatronia this time, and it is available for quick downloading over at the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version offers Raster effects, new screen resolutions (400x300, 640x400), 2xSAI and [...more]
MAME 0.37b14! (21 messages)
Nicola has released a new version of MAME with a good number of newly supported games. You can download the binary from the Emulator Download Page. The number of new clones supported is quite amazing as well. I'll see if this time I can add the games to the ROMs and ROMs Lite pages so that you can at least get some [...more]
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