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Tuesday, April 17, 2001
A different take on the situation... (127 messages)
Written by Dorsola
The last few weeks have marked a big change in the Emulation/Classic Gamingscene, as marked by the impending shutdown of one of the best emulationsites on the Web. After several years in operation, JoseQ is talking aboutshutting down this website entirely, so I felt that it would be good towrite an [...more]
The Comments (26 messages)
Update: I find my site is too much of the same without the comments system, so I re-instated it. My site will not be accessible through, thus we will probably find out how much more creative that guy can get. With that, and the new moderators coming soon, the site should look cleaner shortly.
As many of [...more]
Monday, April 16, 2001
AppleCE (5 messages)
Here's another one, for the lucky PocketPC owners that enjoy emulation on the go. AppleCE is an Apple ][ emulator for the PocketPC platform. Although still in development, there's quite a few games working on it. Version 0.2a was just released and available for download from the site. I tried to install the ARM version [...more]
DreamEmu 0.02 (12 messages)
For those interested in Sega's Dreamcast emulation, albeit it being in it's early stages, you might be happy to know that DreamEmu has been updated to version 0.02. With it comes faster and more accurate CPU emulation, and improved 2D graphic output among other things. Also note that you must use it on a 16 bit desktop [...more]
New Game at JAE! Tempest! (5 messages)
As mentioned in the recent Rumor Mill, Norbert Kehrer has made a new addition to his Java Arcade Emulator collection. The latest one, is none other than the classic "Tempest" from Atari! This brings the total of Arcade games emulated on his website to a whopping 34! Check out the website and remember to bookmark it if you haven't already done so. Playing games there is as easy as clicking on a link. Enjoy! [comments]
Macintosh RockNES updated! (0 messages)
While the latest update at the RockNES website confirms the demise of this DOS emulator due mostly to a new job for Fx3, the Macintosh Port has been updated to version 1.900 (final?). Fx3 will be too busy to continue work on his emulator, however, the source will not be opened for others to continue. The source was [...more]
MacMAME 0.37b14 (0 messages)
Macintosh fans can now get their piece of the cake with a new release of MacMAME. You can download version 0.37 beta 14 from the MacMAME website or the Emulator Download Page! Other than being in sync with the latest DOS build, Brad Oliver has optimized the non-carbon build to be as fast as ever! There's also a ton [...more]
Sunday, April 15, 2001
1964 News! (1 messages)
The 1964 website was updated today by Schibo with news about the emulator's latest happenings. A new member has been added to the team, and he's known as 'Rice'. He has been working for weeks on the emulator already, achieving improved compatibility with 'dozens' (!!) of new games either working or showing intros! There's [...more]
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