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Monday, April 23, 2001
 JNES gets it's domain (2 messages)
Jabo, the author of J Nes has moved his things to his very own domain! It can now be found at He also released some details about the up and coming beta version of J Nes which should hit the streets soon. Most wanted is the support for Kaillera which should be included, and also, the Direct Sound [...more]
Sunday, April 22, 2001
 New PinMAME! (19 messages)
Version 0.99 Beta 2 versions of PinMAME and Visual PinMAME have been released at the PinMAME website linked above. New in this version is improved System 11 Multiplexed solenoid handling, adds the capability for different LCD layouts to core (only working in "High Speed" and "Comet" at the moment), adds mechanics simulation [...more]
 New Daedalus! (12 messages)
A new version of Daedalus, the Nintendo64 emulator has been put out for the public to grab. You can download version 0.04b from the Emulator Download Page. This version adds multi-controller support, has an enhanced user interface, has improvements to make translation easier when the time comes, and more. Check out the website for the long list of changes/additions to this new version. Enjoy! [comments]
 AdriPSX gets another release... (0 messages)
As promised, a new release of AdriPSX has hit the streets. You can get this latest regular update from the Emulator Download Page. Since this version is released just ten days from their previous release, don't expect any major changes included in it. However, there are many tweaks that improve compatibility and even [...more]
Saturday, April 21, 2001
 bleem! for DC Views (42 messages)
While I haven't confirmed with my sources that bleem! for DC is actually coming out in 10 days, you might want to read this article at IGN DC where they explain the future of this commercial emulation product. Apparently it has changed from bleem! packs into single game packages sold for just $5.95; the first of which [...more]
 -^Cro§Bow^- does it with style! (5 messages)
-^Cro§Bow^- has been quite busy as of late posting two of the most elaborate ReViews ever to grace the ReViews Area here at EmuViews. The games ReViewed? None other than "Dungeons & Dragons 2: Shadow over Mystara" and "Star Wars (Arcade)" from the Atari 2600. Both have interesting layouts and you should check them out [...more]
Friday, April 20, 2001
 Bliss beta release... (0 messages)
Kyle has been busy working on Bliss and he has made a beta release on his website (linked above) for those of you having troubles with the current version (1.53). Apparently, some people were getting a window with nothing in it but grey color. If you are one of those, visit the Bliss site and get this updated version [...more]
 Mimic doing Gameboy! (0 messages)
As mentioned in a Rumor Mill not too long ago, BeaverMan Mike Beaver was going to start working on the Gameboy driver for Mimic soon, and that he has. The website was updated today with two new screenshots of the Gameboy driver in action. While sprites are still not emulated, the author feels that should be a simple [...more]
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