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Friday, April 27, 2001
 TR64 WIP 5.5! (0 messages)
As mentioned in the Rumor Mill last Wednesday, a new version of TR64 made it out today. Version WIP 5.5 is available for download from the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version offers better speed and sound and also a speed throttling mechanism. It seems my agent really came through this time with an exact [...more]
Thursday, April 26, 2001
 PC Ngine? (0 messages)
It seems the Ngine is turning it's direction into PC Engine emulation! Based on the news on the site, they have picked up the TGEmu code from Charles MacDonald and started putting it together with the Ngine shell. Full speed on the Dreamcast is actually expected on this project. It should come out to the public in [...more]
 Calice 0.2.2! (15 messages)
A new version of Calice has been released! You can get version 0.2.2 from the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version adds support for 15 new CPS2 games including "D&D Shadow over Mystara". Other new changes include save/load states, fixed full screen mode, faster emulation and more. There's also a mention of a possible BeOS version to be released soon! I'm sure BeOS users will enjoy that! Enjoy! [comments]
Wednesday, April 25, 2001
 The Rumor Mill! (29 messages)
Welcome to another edition of the Rumor Mill. You might have noticed that this week has been a bit light on news, and it seems the rumor bag is just as light this time. However, I do have some that will interest you as usual. What's in the bag? I've got FreezeSMS, Genital68K, TR64, Zeograd's stuff, Bliss, RockNESX and [...more]
 MAME goes Windows (0 messages)
In a recent development that I find rather interesting, Aaron Giles (MAMEDEV member) proposed compiling MAME with a new set of free tools available for the Windows environment. Essentially, this will make MAME a 32 bit application running under Windows. The idea was presented to the team with a compiled binary made available. [...more]
 Update Your Bookmarks (0 messages)
Update your bookmarks as the GENS website has moved to ConsolEmul, which is a French emulation site. Stéphane (GENS author) is also of French origin, so it obviously makes things easier for him. While I did offer to host his site, some of you might have noted that I took the link to host sites off from the sidebar. [...more]
Tuesday, April 24, 2001
 Xanadu Source is out... (0 messages)
As mentioned when Xanadu was first released, the source code is now available for download from the Bliss website. Now that the author has gotten everything that he wanted onto the emulator, he has made the code available for anyone interested in porting the emulator to another platform or anybody with any interest on the source whatsoever. Visit the website linked above for the download. [comments]
Monday, April 23, 2001
 Mimic does it again! (2 messages)
Mike Beaver has done it again! In the latest update at the Mimic website, you can find screenshots from the latest addition to the Mimic emulator. They come from a previously unemulated game called "Clash Road" which apparently uses a Namco285 addresser chip among other things. It only required 15 minutes of work to [...more]
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