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Monday, May 07, 2001
AdriPSX welcomes new member... (0 messages)
The AdriPSX website was updated yesterday with details about the latest addition to the programming team. Sephiroth Angelluz will be working initially on improving the MDEC engine as well as cleaning up the GTE section from bugs. On the other hand, Roor seems to be working as of late on improving the compatibility as [...more]
SegaEmu Update (2 messages)
While a release of Atani's SegaEMU might still be far off, the latest update at the website show how the emulator is looking as of now. Atani is working on a new GUI for the emulator which looks quite spiffy. You can take a look at an early screenshot from Atani's work. There's a bit more details, but not a whole lot [...more]
New Bliss Beta (0 messages)
With some new feedback triggered from the Bliss release from a few days ago, the official releases were pushed back for a few days. For that, they have released another beta version for you to play with and send some feedback. This includes more fixes to the DirectX code. Visit the website to download BlissJX version [...more]
Mimic News! (0 messages)
Mike Beaver updated the Mimic website earlier with news about the latest progress on this multi-system emulator. While trying to spend some time coding on the 6502 core, he ended up tickling the Sega line interrupts and ended up with the highest accuracy it has ever had. A screenshot on the site details the shimmer effect [...more]
Sunday, May 06, 2001
Hot Rod in Europe (14 messages)
Remember the Hot Rod? That cool stick I ReViewed almost two years ago? Richard Ragon sent me a note about their press release explaining their alliance with A.D.F. Informatique Service which brings a huge benefit for all Europeans interested in this great product. Located in France, A.D.F. is now a reselling point [...more]
Saturday, May 05, 2001
New Java Bliss Beta! (5 messages)
A new beta of the Intellivision emulator Bliss was released late last night. This beta includes the revamped code I have mentioned on the Rumor Mill a few times now, mostly worked on by 3v1l (Jesse Litton), whom I had the pleasure of meeting in the EV Chat earlier in the week. Apparently all of the updated versions will be released today at some point, so stay tuned for that. [comments]
Good Deal on VGS! (30 messages)
Looking for a good deal on Virtual Game Station from Connectix? Buy.Com has it as the Deal of the Day for just $20.99. The quantities are limited, so if you have been considering buying this Playstation Emulator, you might want to do it today. I have heard mixed comments about this emulator, but for the price, you probably can't go wrong. [comments]
Friday, May 04, 2001
Mac Emus Updated! (0 messages)
Richard Bannister has been busy! While his previous update at his Bannister Software page dated back to April 16th, his update today definitely has plenty of juice. Three new ports were released today. MacOS users can now get their hands on Jum52 version 0.5.2, NeoPocott 0.3.9 and SMS Plus 0.9.5. Visit the Bannister software page for these downloads. Enjoy! [comments]
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