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Monday, May 14, 2001
 New Java Emulator (0 messages)
I received some pleasant news from a newcomer to the emulation scene, Jaydy. He just finished his very first emulator and would like to share it with everybody as he continues his work. His first project consists of a Java Emulator that currently supports "Pac-Man" and "Ms.Pac-Man". While those games are widely emulated [...more]
 Genesis emulator on the go? (1 messages)
Don't have a Sega Nomad and want to play Sega Genesis games on the go? Then you will be happy to learn about the latest posting at Pocket Emulator where Domenico Dato has posted "Pocket Genesis 1.0 (Beta 1)", the first Genesis emulator for the PocketPC platform! Like his previous projects, it includes the virtual joystick [...more]
 Modeler for Mac & More!!! (4 messages)
Richard Bannister has been hard at work, specially with the first release of Modeler for the Mac! Visit his Software page for the download! This release is a biggie, since it actually uses a newer core than the current Linux and Windows versions! Also in his list of releases are new versions of Generator, TGEmu, SMS [...more]
 EmuViews welcomes Kurgan (11 messages)
I'm very proud to welcome the latest addition to the ReViewing staff here at EmuViews, Kurgan. Seemingly out of nowhere, I received a ReView from Kurgan late last week, and I finally got around posting it to the ReViews Area last night. His entry follows the recent model first established by -^Cro§Bow^- with snapshots [...more]
Sunday, May 13, 2001
 New CDiCE screenshots! (2 messages)
It seems Pete Dabbs is quite busy working on his Phillips CDi emulator known as CD-iCE. If you haven't been reading his site closely for the last few days, you might not know that a whole bunch of games seem to be working great with this emulator. A slew of screenshots were added including some from games like: "Defender [...more]
 XMAME 0.37b14.1 (2 messages)
A new version of the X-Windows port of MAME has been released. You can download version 0.37b14b1 of XMAME from that very same link. It is available in patch form, and contains only XMAME only (no XMESS). There's a new -hotrod switch for Hot Rod emulation, updated GLmame, added the KDE workaround to the documentation [...more]
 fMSX 2.4 (0 messages)
Marat Fayzullin has just released a new version of fMSX, his portable MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ home computer emulator. It has been quite a while since the last release of this emulator, meaning that this one comes packing with new additions. Among them, you will find: FMPAC emulation, GameMaster2 emulation and a new fMSX-MSDOS [...more]
Saturday, May 12, 2001
 MAMEW Benchmarks (2 messages)
Want to get a sneak peek at what MAMEW will bring to you? The cool guys at the MAME32 QA department have done a bit of benchmarking to demonstrate what kind of results he got while also benchmarking his new 1.3 Gigahertz CPU. He created a suite that runs quite a few games using the recently added built-in benchmarking [...more]
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