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Sunday, May 20, 2001
New Nebula! (1 messages)
At last, Nebula has an official website, although it's in Spanish. A new version came out today which you can download from the Emulator Download Page as usual. There's no details on this release on the website, but the 'leeme.txt' included with the emulator does say some things. Some ROM names have been changed so [...more]
Calice32 0.2.9! (2 messages)
David has released version 0.2.9 of Calice, the Capcom arcade emulator. You can download this new release from the Emulator Download Page. New in this release is a new driver for "Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X (Japan)" and fixes for some games in the 'Super Street Fighter' series. There's some changes in the GUI as well. Be sure to check out the website and/or emulator documentation for all the details. Enjoy! [comments]
Retrobase does SNES! (1 messages)
A huge day for Retrobase as they have added a new section to their site. Today, Nintendo's SNES system is part of Retrobase. Why is this big? Following the usual Retrobase policy, they only add sections when they have a complete collection, and this is it. 1,950 SNES games are featured with screenshots. This is probably [...more]
Thursday, May 17, 2001
E3: Day 1 (64 messages)
Well, since some people seem to want me to post news about what I'm seeing at E3, I'm going to do just that. First I'll try to cover those news related to classic gaming. As mentioned on the other post, there's no bleem! LLC booth this year, and as far as I could tell, Sony is not showing anything related to it's Connectix [...more]
Wednesday, May 16, 2001
Off to E3!!! (15 messages)
Well folks, I will be taking off tonight as I'll be on my way to Los Angeles to attend the Electronics Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3. As a result, there will be no Rumor Mill posting tonight, but I will continue to post news as I will be able to get online at nights. I also heard that there is no bleem! [...more]
ZSNES 1.25! (18 messages)
The ZSNES emulator has been updated to version 1.25 for three different platforms! Windows, DOS and Linux ports were posted at the website today. You can download any of these from the website or the Emulator Download Page. The list of changes going into this release is incredibly long but some of the highlights include: [...more]
Daedalus 0.06b! (0 messages)
A new version of Daedalus, the Nintendo64 emulator, has been released! You can download version 0.06b from the Emulator Download Page right now! This version fixes a texture load bug which corrupted them when TEXEL 1 was used, lighting and transformation stuff is now done manually which actually helped the author find [...more]
Tuesday, May 15, 2001
New PSX Emulation Technology! (14 messages)
Have you ever wanted to play a Playstation game over the net using an emulator? Soon you will be able to do so in not one, but a number of existing Playstation emulators! How? Using a new plug-in by the name of CyberPad. This new technology works as the PSEmu Pro PAD plug-in and will allow you to play PSX games over [...more]
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