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Monday, May 21, 2001
New PocketGB! (0 messages)
Version 1.26b of PocketGB has been released. As the name implies, this is a Gameboy emulator that works on the PocketPC platform, but that's not all, it also emulates the NES, Sega's Master System and Game Gear. While this is a shareware emulator, free trial versions are available for download. I have yet to try it myself, [...more]
New Amiga in a Box (0 messages)
With the recently released update to WinUAE, comes a new Amiga in a Box! This updated version offers some compatibility improvements while upgrading a few other things. You may also grab what's called AIAB-JIT which makes use of the new and improved JIT compilation, offering as a result, massive speed gains. Check out [...more]
Z26 1.44!!! (0 messages)
The Atari 2600 emulator known as Z26 has been updated to version 1.44! You can download this new binary from the Emulator Download Page. This is the first release in over three months! This version offers support for SECAM color palette although even the author doesn't know if any of the SECAM using games are available [...more]
Sunday, May 20, 2001
O2EM Source Released (5 messages)
Dan Boris has released the source code for his Odyssey2 emulator known as O2EM. This opens the doors for porting to other platforms or incorporating into their own emulators (anybody hear Bliss?). Anyhow, as with other DanB pages, this one is also filled with information about this particular console. If you never [...more]
Modeler WIP (2 messages)
The Modeler website was updated today with some work in progress information about this emulator. There's new screenshots showing improvements in "Outrunners". The road has been improved due to the implementation of row and column scrolling. The missing/incorrect samples on the Type A games ("Spiderman", "Golden Axe [...more]
Mimic WIP (0 messages)
Mike updated the Mimic website recently with news about his Gameboy and SMS/GG/SystemE progress. In Gameboy news, he has removed the 256K cart limit which allows games like "Pokemon Yellow" to work. On the SMS/GG/SystemE department, he has made a tweak that makes the games sound better. This is all explained with much detail on the website, so take some time to stop by the Mimic webpage and read all about it. [comments]
New DOS RockNES! (2 messages)
Fx3 makes a comeback with a new release of the DOS version of RockNES, the popular NES emulator. You can download version 1.910 from the Emulator Download Page. Fx3 calls it a 'preview release before the Windows version' so I guess that's coming soon. Included in this release is the partial rewrite that I mentioned [...more]
CE/gg 0.1 beta! (0 messages)
A new version of CE/gg, the SMS and Game Gear emulator for Pocket PCs have been released. You may visit the site to download this 0.1 beta version. Changes in this version include: Fixes for some graphic problems, better performance, a zoom option for the Game Gear, button remap codes, bug fixes and more. Check out the [...more]
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