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Friday, May 25, 2001
CE/gg 0.2 beta release! (0 messages)
CE/gg has been updated once again to version 0.2 beta. CE/gg as the name almost implies, is a Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator for the Windows CE (PocketPC) platform. You can download this latest version from the website following the link above. This release offers better compatibility and speed, a smaller memory [...more]
Z26 1.45! (0 messages)
John Saeger has released a new version of his awesome Atari2600 emulator, Z26. You can download the binary for version 1.45 from the Emulator Download Page. If you want the source, you can get that from the emulator's website (linked above). This version offers improved SECAM palette from the previous version. [comments]
Thursday, May 24, 2001
PocketGB 1.30 (0 messages)
PocketGB, the multi-console emulator (shareware) for the PocketPC platform has been updated to version 1.30. All you iPaq, Cassiopeia and other PocketPC device users, make sure to get this new version as it now offers ZIP file support! There's also a new 2x Width feature for HPC users and more. Check out the news section [...more]
Retro Gaming Radio to return! (0 messages)
I got a note today from Shane R. Monroe, telling me that Retro Gaming Radio is making a comeback! There is a show being brewed as I write this, and it will include reviews for several classic game packages, E3 views from his classic gaming perspective, and an Interview with Paul Norman, a legend of the Commodore64 world. [...more]
MAME 0.37b15! (31 messages)
After one of the longest waits for a new version of MAME ever, Nicola releases today version 0.37b15 of the biggest arcade emulator in existence. You can get this new binary from the Emulator Download Page. This is the first Win32 version which takes advantage of graphic hardware acceleration among other things. This [...more]
Wednesday, May 23, 2001
The Rumor Mill LT (71 messages)
Well, this week I got just a handful of reports in, but rather than leave you empty handed, I'm going to post the LT version of the Rumor Mill. This version comes a bit light, as some major emu authors are taking breaks, and some of us are still recovering from E3. In the bag I've got reports surrounding Mimic, Bart Trzy' [...more]
New Apollo Release! (0 messages)
We continue with surprising emulation releases today! A new version of Apollo was release today, to accompany an awesome looking site-redesign. Check out the website and see for yourself! You can download the file however, from the Emulator Download Page as usual. This is version 0.01e of this Nintendo64 emulator. [...more]
GENSX becomes retroDrive! (6 messages)
In a move that sounds like an AutoBot out of the Transformers cartoon, Tim Meekins old Genesis emulator, known as GENSX, has now transformed itself into retroDrive (echo). With the transformation, a release has happened, so you can download Version 1 of retroDrive from the Emulator Download Page right now. This release [...more]
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