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Sunday, May 27, 2001
HD Crash (5 messages)
Just wanted to mention that a pretty bad thing has happened, my main PC's hard drive crashed today. Since my main PC was a notebook, it's not as easy to replace the drive and get working again; so I'm getting my old desktop PC back into action. While that happens, please be a bit patient for my e-mail replies as they will be late for the next couple of days. Thanks for understanding. [comments]
ALE Moves to EmuViews (2 messages)
A good number of sites will be jumping on board the EmuViews server in the next few days. One of the first few to move in is Amiga Legal Emulation which recently had a DNS change request, so pretty soon you should be hitting ALE at my server. I'll keep you posted as other sites start getting on board. If you haven't visited this site, it is a must see, and must bookmark, so check it out! [comments]
Projec64 is released! (17 messages)
Remember that 'mysterious Nintendo 64 emulator' mentioned in the Rumor Mill last week? Well, it's none other than Project64, released to the public today by Jabo (JNes) and Zilmar (famous from his plugin specification). You can download the first version of this emulator from the Emulator Download Page. This is considered [...more]
Saturday, May 26, 2001
Modeler Progress! (5 messages)
Some nice news coming from the Modeler website. The latest additions to the Modeler Gallery will sure incite many smiles for fans of "Outrunners" and "Rad Mobile". Check out the site using the link above, click on Modeler and then on Gallery to take a peek at the "Recent Additions". Thanks to dangspot for the news! Enjoy! [comments]
New AdriPSX! (0 messages)
As promised, AdriPSX continues being updated regularly. You can download the most recent release from the Emulator Download Page. In this version, all controller/SIO functions have been redone with HLE which results in higher compatibility. There's a lot of fixes going into the SPU IRQ area, speedups, and more. Generally speaking, it's a bigger, better AdriPSX, so be sure to download it. Enjoy! [comments]
XMAME 0.37b15.1 (3 messages)
Lawrence Gold has updated the Unix port of MAME, to the latest build, 0.37b15. You can get this latest release from the XMAME website. There is a patch available that will update your 0.37b14.2 build if you have it. The changes.unix file hasn't been updated on the website and my download is going mighty slow, so I [...more]
Nebula does CPS1! (2 messages)
Like the other CPS2 emulators out there, Nebula is now emulating CPS1 games! While not mentioned on the Nebula site, I saw a couple of screenshots at Emulatronia. The two screenshots shown there demonstrate "Final Fight" and "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" running on Nebula. There's also links for "Strider" and "The King [...more]
Dorsola posts 3! (3 messages)
Dorsola decides to come back from his break with not one, but three new ReViews posted! All three titles are seemingly related. Each of them has the word 'puzzle' in it's title. 'Puzzle Bobble' fans will want to read his take on "Puzzle Bobble 3" and "Puzzle Bobble 4". Hey, while you're at it, why not check out his [...more]
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