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Tuesday, May 29, 2001
More PSinex candy! (0 messages)
The PSinex website was updated yesterday with a good number of screenshots from various games. The biggest news? MDEC movies are now playing on this emulator. Check the website for new "FIFA 2000", "Tekken 3", "Trasher sk8 & Destroy", "Chrono Cross" screenshots among other titles! I must say they look amazing. As usual [...more]
Next for bleem! DC! (21 messages)
If you visit the bleem! website, you can find out what the next game pak to be released will be. That is, if we can help bleem! survive their latest dealings with Sony. As some of you already know, Sony threatened retailers and basically pushed them into taking bleem! out of their shelves and not ordering any more. This [...more]
WinUAE 0.8.16 Release 13! (5 messages)
Probably the most popular Amiga emulator, WinUAE has been updated to version 0.8.16 Release 13. You can download this binary from the Emulator Download Page right now. Fixes for this release include the GUI DLL loader, and an error message which came up when selecting the 68000 CPU from the JIT config has been removed. [...more]
JEmu Updates (0 messages)
While I still haven't been able to make a news icon for JEmu, that doesn't mean that this Java based, Arcade emulator isn't being updated. In his latest update, Erik adds drivers for "Lizard Wizard", "Pacman Plus" and "Space Invaders". There's also scanlines which will work on high resolution displays, and should look [...more]
Calice 0.3.0! (0 messages)
Calice, the Capcom arcade emulator has been updated to version 0.3.0! You can download this latest release from the Emulator Download Page. David has added Qsound to this release (based on Barry Rodewald's QPlayer) and to add even more sound, there's YM2151 sound emulation (used in CPS1 games). Two new drivers have [...more]
Monday, May 28, 2001
New Meka for Registered Users (1 messages)
Zoop has released version 0.57 of MEKA to registered users. Among the changes going into that release you will see: a rewritten dynamic palette handler, fixed hardware sprites collisions, among other changes and fixes. The main good news however is that a Windows port of this great Sega Master System emulator is in the [...more]
ZSNES 1.28! (7 messages)
Well I'm back writing from my good'ol Desktop PC while I get a replacement drive for my laptop... So let's catch up with the news. The good guys at ZSNES have released the much awaited new version! You can download the Windows and/or DOS port from the Emulator Download Page while the Linux version I will let you have [...more]
FPSE to come out this week! (0 messages)
The FPSE website has been re-opened, and while the latest update is completely Italian, the line at the top cannot be missed. It states: "FPSE 0.09 will be out 1st of June". That's only a couple of days away! The update includes two screenshots from "Metal Gear Solid". The update mentions that all of the games they own [...more]
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