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Thursday, May 31, 2001
RockNESX 2 is here! (8 messages)
The much awaited Windows release of RockNES is here, and guess what, it's called RockNESX 2! It's a beta release, but you can download it from the Emulator Download Page! This is the first Windows port of this emulator to hit the public this year. New in this release is Netplay (!!), 3D Mode, Zip support, rewritten [...more]
Some U64 News... (14 messages)
A short bit of news about the Ultra64 emulator, although they don't originate from the old 'KIAME' site. RCP updated the TRWin website with news about his progress. Believe it or not, it appears that "Killer Instinct 2" is already working on the emulator. He actually found out by accident. However, "Killer Instinct" [...more]
Wednesday, May 30, 2001
The Rumor Mill! (22 messages)
Welcome boys and girls, it's time once again for that weekly edition of The Rumor Mill, exclusively at JoseQ's EmuViews! This week I got considerably more reports than last week, so I'm all excited. Let's see what's in the bag. Hmm, I've got some info on Zeograd's HuC, SMOG, a new Sega System C emulator, a nice looking [...more]
Some Project64 bits... (1 messages)
The Project 64 (Nintendo 64 emulator) was updated with some goodies you might want to get your hands on. First off, is a new official INI file from Smiff. This new file adds 26 new games to the file, although don't expect them to work perfectly since they haven't been tested as much as the ones supported initially. Back [...more]
More PSinex goodies! (0 messages)
While we're on the topic of Playstation emulation, the good guys at PSinex updated the website again today with yet more screenshots from the emulator in action. The goodies today come from games like: "Legend of Dragoon", "Final Fantasy VII", "Vagrant Story", "Street Fighter EX+", and more miscellaneous including a some shots from great looking MDEC movies. Check out the website for all those eye candy shots. [comments]
FPSE News... (0 messages)
While the big release day approaches, the FPSE website continues being updated on a daily basis. The latest update shows the site running in five different languages! You can get to your language by clicking on 'start' on the sidebar. There's also a few new screenshots going alongside with the news. In the latest bunch [...more]
Calice 0.3.2!!! (0 messages)
David has released a new version of his Capcom arcade emulator, Calice! You can download version 0.3.2 from the Emulator Download Page as usual. This new release includes a new driver for "Street Fighter Zero 3", fixes a GUI bug, two players can play using the same keyboard and more. Enjoy! [comments]
Tuesday, May 29, 2001
RockNESX This week? (4 messages)
Fx3 has updated the RockNES with a few things. The first one is a request for people to stop bugging him about the newer versions, so please stop the e-mail. The second bit of news is a bit better with details about the upcoming RockNESX. Apparently, the to-do list is empty, and if all goes well, we should have with [...more]
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