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Thursday, June 07, 2001
JEmu news! (1 messages)
Some cool news from the JEmu website. For those that don't recognize this name, JEmu is a Java based arcade emulator that runs on your browser. "Jr. Pac Man" was added in the latest update, as well as some screen rendering optimizations for memory efficiency which should increase the compatibility with your hardware. I'll keep you posted on new additions to this website. [comments]
Charles MacDonald does it! (18 messages)
For those looking for the Rumor Mill, it is delayed due to the awesome first NBA Finals game that went to overtime. It is too late for me to write it up, but I'll definitely post it tomorrow. As far as Charles MacDonald goes, he's done it. He has emulated the second video chip on the Sega System18 games, which enables [...more]
Wednesday, June 06, 2001
More Modeler Pics! (5 messages)
The Modeler website was updated today with some good and bad news. The good news is that "Title Fight" is now working, and looks great. You can check a new bunch of screenshots added to the gallery as usual. The bad news is that it's behaving very weird during gameplay. The author seems to think that it's due to some [...more]
Bliss News!!! (0 messages)
Want to take a look at where Bliss is standing right now? Just visit the website! Kyle has put up some cool looking screenshot showing Atari 5200 emulation at it's best. There's a bit of info on where the emulation is currently at. Kyle also requests anyone that may have information regarding the memory maps of the Atari [...more]
Tuesday, June 05, 2001
New HuC!!! (1 messages)
A new version of HuC has been released at Zeograd's lair. You can download version 3.0 of HuC and the Magic Kit from the site above. This release offers CD-ROM support. Why is this cool? For the first time, PC Engine developers using HuC can develop software that will run on an actual PC Engine machine! Believe it or [...more]
New CPS/CPS2 Emulator! (26 messages)
There's a new Capcom arcade emulator out there, and it goes by the name of Kawaks! CPS2Shock presented it to the world today as it has been under development for months now. The developer wishes to remain anonymous although apparently he's very talented as the initial set of features is quite impressive. I'm sure this [...more]
Meka 0.57 for Everyone! (3 messages)
Zoop has released his latest version of Meka, the great Sega Master System emulator, to the public! You can download version 0.57 from the Emulator Download Page. You can refer to the initial news article from when the private release happened. Enjoy! [comments]
Xega is public! (3 messages)
Remember that Sega Genesis emulator I mentioned on the Rumor Mill last week? Well it's out and ready for action! Xega version 0.06 is the first one out the door and you can download it from the emulator's website, or the Emulator Download Page. This being the first release, you will be happy to know that it supports [...more]
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