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Sunday, June 17, 2001
Calice 0.34! (7 messages)
Calice, the Capcom arcade emulator coded by David Raingard, has been updated to version 0.34. You can download this new binary from the usual place, the Emulator Download Page. This includes support for "Street Fighter Zero 2" (Japan 960227) and fixes the flicker in full screen modes. There's some new resolutions for [...more]
Saturday, June 16, 2001
ZSNES 1.30b! (6 messages)
ZSNES, the most popular Super NES emulator, has been updated to version 1.30. You can download the DOS and Windows ports of this release from the usual place, the Emulator Download Page. This version supports the decompressed "Star Ocean S-DD1" pack. There's some fixes going into this release in case the previous change wasn't enough. Enjoy! [comments]
New Modeler Pics (7 messages)
A recent breakthrough done by the Modeler team has rendered games like "Burning Rival" to be playable aside minor glitches. The screenshots added to the gallery are testimony of this, and I must add that they look great. The same breakthrough should be happening fairly soon for "Dark Edge". All of the dumped System32 [...more]
Friday, June 15, 2001
New CD-iCE shots (3 messages)
The CD-iCE website was updated by the author, Pete Dabbs, with news about a few screenshots being added to the screenshot area on the site. For those unfamiliar with this project, it aims at emulating the Philips CD-i console. The new screenshots are for the games "Micro Machines" and "Escape from Cyber City". However, [...more]
Genital 68K (0 messages)
Bart has released a new version of Genital68K, the Motorola 680x0 emulation library for the Intel platform. If you're a programmer and use this very accurate core, visit the site for the download. New in this version is proper identifier names when internally calling Genital68KUpdateFetchPtr(), optimized C Flag calculation and more. Check out the site for the information. [comments]
Thursday, June 14, 2001
Monaco GP Driver is here! (29 messages)
Remember I mentioned a while ago that the "Monaco GP" driver would be released soon in the form of a MAME driver? Well, the powers that be (Phil Stroffolino), granted me the privilege of releasing this source code for you to compile into MAME. It is with great honor that I give you, the Monaco GP Driver for MAME. As [...more]
Screenmania Update! (12 messages)
Opi has done it again! A new update at Screenmania with literally thousands of new screenshots! The new titles include even 6 games for the recently released Gameboy Advanced console from Nintendo. The NES section has now opened also with 6 titles, one title in a new Amiga section, with the same being done for Sega Genesis. [...more]
Mimic NES Improvements! (9 messages)
Only hours after our interception of the Mimic screenshots for the Rumor Mill, Mike Beaver posts even sweeter looking screenshots of the NES core in action! He finally figured out how the palette works, and has three perfect looking games displayed: "Defender 2", "Donkey Kong" and "10 Yard Fight", all for the NES. Check out the details on what he found in his update. [comments]
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