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Saturday, June 23, 2001
FreezeSMS WIP Release (15 messages)
A Work In Progress version of FreezeSMS has been released by the author, Jason Starr. You can download it from the Emulator Download Page as usual. This is the first public version since January 15th, so there should be a lot of changes included. Thanks to Emulatronia for the news. [comments]
Kawaks 1.06! (5 messages)
A new version of Kawaks, the Capcom arcade emulator, has been released. You can download version 1.06 from the Emulator Download Page right now! As if the previous version had come out more than three days ago, this new release carries with it a long list of changes! For example, the "Mercs" background has been fixed, [...more]
Retrobase adds Atari 7800! (0 messages)
Retrobase has expanded to accomodate a new section in it's family. A new area dedicated to the Atari 7800 has been added. In the usual Retrobase fashion, this lists every game that ever existed for this console. While some screenshots are missing, that's because those games haven't seen the light of emulation yet, but [...more]
Friday, June 22, 2001
New RAINE!!! (13 messages)
A new version of Raine has been released for Windows and Linux! You can download the Windows binary from the link above, or from the Emulator Download Page right now! This version adds more than 85 CPS1 games and clones! Those games with QSound have no sound for now though. Raine now offers MAME compatibility for the [...more]
Mimic WIP! (2 messages)
Mike Beaver posted a very nice update at the Mimic website. Not only are there five new screenshots being shown, but they come from an NES, SMS and even Atari cores! The games shown are "10 Yard Fight" (NES), "Missile Command" (A2600), "Mortal Kombat 3" (SMS), "Phantasy Star" (SMS) and "Terminator" (SMS). Check out the [...more]
HuC 3.01 (0 messages)
While this was going to be part of the Rumor Mill this week, the official news came out before I could find the time to post it. Version 3.01 of HuC, the C Compiler for the PC Engine / TurboGrafx16 platform, was released yesterday. You can download it from the above mentioned site. This version includes the usual bug [...more]
MGS bleempack goes gold! (5 messages)
The bleem! website was updated with news about their "Metal Gear Solid" bleempack going gold! That's as close as it gets to being released, so expect that to hit shelves fairly soon. If you're not familiar with this game, some people call it the best game ever, and it's sequel had hundreds of people looking at the demos [...more]
Thursday, June 21, 2001
Retro Drive Release 2! (136 messages)
A new version of Retro Drive, the Sega Genesis / 32X emulator, has been released! You can download 'Release 2' from the Emulator Download Page right now! A whole new core has been implemented for this release resulting in much better timing and syncronization while improving the emulation speed as well! There's also [...more]
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