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Sunday, October 20, 2002
Project Tempest 0.20 (6 messages)
A new version of the Atari Jaguar emulator, Project Tempest was released. You can download this new version from the Emulator Download Page right now. This release lets you play the game "Doom" with almost perfect graphics. There are some fixes in the Joystick glitches and the "Tempest 2000" graphics. Check out the website and/or the readme.txt file for all the details. [comments]
MAME WIP Update (3 messages)
The Work In Progress page at the MAME website recently saw a small update in regards to the "Gomoku Narabe Renju" driver being updated by David Haywood. There are some screenshots of it in action, and a bit more news. Check out the website on the link above for the details. [comments]
Saturday, October 19, 2002
Mega Tech Emulator? (0 messages)
I'm browsing through my old bookmark list when I found that Charles MacDonald is working on a Sega "Mega Tech" arcade emulator. This is an arcade board based on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, and it was later followed by the Sega Mega Play multi-game arcade system. However, different than the Genesis, it has an extra Z80 [...more]
Friday, October 18, 2002
It has begun... (21 messages)
I think it's time I start pushing myself into getting this site back into action. I figured about a week ago that if I didn't start doing something serious about coming back, I would never do it, and decided that a good way to force me back into action would be to simply start posting news and catch up as I went, instead [...more]
MESS 0.61.1 Released! (2 messages)
MESS has been updated to version 0.61.1 just today. You can download the binary from the Emulator Download Page. This release includes a fixed and re-enabled driver for the Amstrad family of computers. It has a bunch of changes to the COCO driver and some changes on the Atari 5200, 7800 drivers as well as Gameboy Color, SNES among others. Check out the messnew.txt file for all the details. [comments]
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
EmuViews Featured on TSS! (48 messages)
It seems Cat wasn't kidding! TechTV's The Screen Savers mentioned EmuViews in the show for July 30th! I'm going to catch the re-run in a few minutes, but based on reliable comments, it did in fact happen. What can I say... I'm incredibly honored to have my site on TV even though it's been almost dead for a year. The [...more]
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
What a difference a Year makes... (113 messages)
Those that have been visiting recently and reading more throughly during the past few weeks, have noticed that the site has been slowly becoming alive again. The changes have been slow and far-between, but they've been signaling my desires to once again become an active webmaster and bring EmuViews, along with The Views [...more]
Monday, April 01, 2002
I'm Back!!!!! (43 messages)
Well dudes, I think it's time. I've been doing a lot of work since I left, and I finally got it to a point where I can have some spare time again, and thus dedicate some of that to one of my favorites hobbies of all times, EmuViews. As all of you know, back in July, I was so busy with managing SpeedHost.Com, a full-time [...more]
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