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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
 Dapple 0.87 (0 messages)
A new version of the Apple computer emulator Dapple has been released. You can download version 0.87 from the Emulator Download Page. This release has a changed user interface that allows the loading of PG2 files and changing the default ROM BIOS from the command prompt. For those interested, remember this emulator runs under DOS. [comments]
 Win Combat II Advanced (0 messages)
Want to get your hands on an autographed, limited release, Atari 5200 game "Combat II Advanced" when it comes out in December? You might be in luck! Atari Age and Mean Hampster Software are running a contest where two lucky winners will be picked at random from everyone who sends in a postcard. These two carts will [...more]
Tuesday, October 22, 2002
 Koleko 1.32 (1 messages)
A new version of SiRioKD's Koleko has been released. You can download version 1.32 of this Colecovision emulator from the Emulator Download Page. This new version adds savestates so that you can save your progress at any time during a game and resume it later on. Read the koleko_vox.txt for all the details on using this new functionality. Enjoy! [comments]
 New NesterDC (2 messages)
After a seven month vacation, the author of NesterDC, has made a new release of this Dreamcast NES emulator. You can download the new package from the link above. As you can imagine, you will need a CD Burner to get this emulator onto a CD with your ROMs. There are useful links to help you do that on the website above. [comments]
 New OpenMSX Win32 version (0 messages)
A new version of the Unofficial Win32 port of openMSX was released today. You can download it from the link above. This version which is only 2 days older than the previous release, has a small fix for the 'fdc' parameter in the configuration file. You can check out the Changelog for previous releases on the Unofficial Win32 Port page. Thanks to the MSX Resource Center for the news. [comments]
 Colorful MAME WIP! (0 messages)
There is a very colorful update at the MAME WIP page today. It includes 12 new screenshots from various games including: "Penguin Brothers", a recently discovered prototype called "Asylum" and "Sengeki Striker" from contributions made to the team by Olivier Galibert, Aaron Giles among others. Check out the website linked above for all the details and the screenshots. [comments]
 The Guru's Rom Dumps (5 messages)
The Guru has updated his website with news about his latest ROM dumps. The latest dumps include "Tekken Ver. B" and "Tekken Ver. C" both of which run on Namco's System 11, on 1995. "DOA" was also recently redumped along with the 6th integrated circuit from "Virtua Cop 2" which spurred a couple of new pics for the Sega [...more]
Monday, October 21, 2002
 SainT 1.20 is out! (1 messages)
A new version of SainT was released today. You can download it from the Emulator Download Page right now. If you're wondering why the release didn't make it to the official page, linked above; that is because it was posted here, which is the website for Arnaud Carré, one of the two authors. This new version offers [...more]
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