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Thursday, November 14, 2002
 Sega Master System III? (12 messages)
A Sega Master System III? According to TecToy, a Toy company in Brazil, that's going to be a big hit this coming December! The new system appears to be modeled after the Sega Master System, yet it includes 74 games built-in, and not crappy games, but SMS classics like: "Alex Kidd in Miracle World", "Fantasy Zone", [...more]
 Visual Boy Translations (0 messages)
Just a small update on the Visual Boy Advance website, about a couple of new translation packages available for the recently released version 1.2. Those interested in either the German, Polish and/or the Simplified Chinese should visit the website for these downloads. Those are added to the already existing Italian and Brazilian Portuguese translations. Aprecíe! [comments]
 WinUAE 0.8.22Rel2! (2 messages)
A new version of WinUAE was released today! You may download version 0.8.22R2 through the link above. There's a ton of bugfixes included in this release as well as a bunch of new features like the removal of the 2GB file limit (Windows XP/2000 required for this), ability to mount real harddisks with full RDB automount/autoboot [...more]
 XMAME 0.61.1 Released! (0 messages)
Linux fans rejoice! A new version of X-MAME has been released. You can download patch versions to update your build from the X-MAME website linked above. The release contains most of MAME 0.61 and MESS 0.61.2. There's a bunch of changes from the previous release so be sure to check the documentation for all the details. Enjoy! [comments]
 Charles MacDonald's Update! (0 messages)
Charles MacDonald has updated his website with news about his latest workings in emulation land. First off, he recently picked up an original Sega Master System, thus updating his technical documentation on the topic. If you're an SMS buff (possibly working on your own MEKAlike emulator) you should check out this stuff. [...more]
Wednesday, November 13, 2002
 NLMSX 0.44 Released! (0 messages)
A new version of NLMSX has been released! You can download release version 0.44 from the Emulator Download Page. This new version includes mouse support, joystick/mouse support on the joystick ports (no buttons though), better timing, better disk size detection, support for the MB8877A disk controller and more. Check out the documentation or Download page for more details. Enjoy! [comments]
 GEX 0.80! (0 messages)
A new version of GEX, the Gameboy emulator, has been released. You can download the new binary from the Emulator Download Page. The changes listed on the website include a higher compatibility rate, "Real emulation" and a fix for a DMA bug in the LCD VRAM area, which affects Color Gameboy only. Check out the website for a new screenshot as well. [comments]
 MAME32 is Updated! (4 messages)
MAME32 has been updated to the latest MAME build of version 0.62. You can download the ZIP file (minus the installer) from the Emulator Download Page. You can download an Installer version from the MAME32 page linked above. You can see a What's New for the Windows port using that link as there's no documentation [...more]
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