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Friday, November 29, 2002
Mimic News! (0 messages)
The Beaver updated the Mimic website with news about the next release. The latest fix to make it into the build takes care of the Windows NT "bug". The reason for the problem is explained in detail on the website. We should expect to see a new release out there as soon as he ties up some loose ends. [comments]
Haze shows some progress... (1 messages)
Thanks to contributions from R. Belmont and his Modeler experience, Haze's System32 driver is looking better than ever. Now, "Arabian Fight" and "Burning Rival" can boot and there's screenshot to show that. There's also a good number of new shots of a variety of games so be sure to check that link out for some very exciting and promising looks at this new driver. [comments]
Wednesday, November 27, 2002
1964 Source Released... (1 messages)
As mentioned earlier in the week, Schibo has released the source for 1964, the Open Source Nintendo 64 emulator. Visit the download section at the website for the ZIP file. I'm sure many developers wanted to get their hands on this, so now is your chance. Enjoy! [comments]
Tuesday, November 26, 2002
Virtual Jaguar WIP (3 messages)
A ton of new screenshots available at the Virtual Jaguar WIP website. Newly added screenshots include titles such as: "Cannon Fodder", "Theme Park", "Syndicate" and "Wolfstein 3D" among others. The author recently fixed a bug in the DSP emulation which helped some games to start which weren't working before. He also [...more]
Monday, November 25, 2002
SMS Power Release! (0 messages)
SMS Power reached today it's 400th release! The newly released game is called "Dragon Wang" and it used to run on SG-1000 systems. It seems to be a prequel of "Kung Fu Kid" on the Sega Master System as the characters look very similar. Today was also Bock's birthday and there's a great Demo made specially for Bock's Birthday so be sure to check that out as well. [comments]
Genesis Plus & More (0 messages)
Some news I missed during the weekend involved the recent release of Genesis Plus 1.01 for the Mac by Richard Bannister along with version 0.8.2 of his Blitter Library. The new Genesis Plus fixes a few minor bugs and adds support for Joysticks under Mac OS X. Richard would enjoy having some feedback on this, so if you're [...more]
Help Wanted... (0 messages)
If you're a Gameboy Advance developer to some extent, your help may be appreciated at the VisualBoy Advance project. Forgotten is looking for some developers to do some testing to help him make sure the profiling functionality of the emulator. If you're interested in helping out, contact him. I couldn't find a link to [...more]
1964 News... (0 messages)
While the 1964 website has been wearing a new layout for quite some time now, it wasn't until today that it saw a brand new update. The downloads page was updated today with the latest version (0.8.5) which had been available on the EmuTalk forums for a while now. This Thursday, schibo will be releasing the source [...more]
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