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Monday, December 02, 2002
 Mimic 2.11 Released! (0 messages)
The Beaver has made good on his promise, and released a new version of Mimic, the multi-platform emulator. You can download this new version from the author's home page or the Emulator Download Page. This new binary includes the Windows NT bug fix mentioned a couple of days back, as well as some miscellaneous Sega fixes. Check it out and enjoy! [comments]
 Mother of all ReViews... (3 messages)
I must say, I was very gladly surprised to get new ReViews submitted yesterday by KieferSkunk, but even though I expected this ReView submission by -^Cro§Bow^- per our EV Chat conversations, I was still surprised by the sheer size and amazing quality of this ReView. "Wing Commander" is one of the best (if not the best) [...more]
 NEStron Updated! (1 messages)
It seems new NES emulator versions are popular today... A new version of NEStron was released today by JoshMan. Version 0.65b is available for download from the Emulator Download Page right now. This version adds Turbo (Rapid Fire), fixes for a few controller bugs, "Cooler snow" and some other miscellaneous fixes. Enjoy! [comments]
Sunday, December 01, 2002
 RockNES 2.10 Released! (0 messages)
Fx3 is celebrating his 25th birthday with a new binary release of his Nintendo Entertainment System emulator RockNES. You can download this new binary from the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version brings back Joystick calibration as well as the Eagle filter, fixes the state saving and loading, cleans [...more]
 M1 Updated (0 messages)
After almost exactly a month since the previous release, M1, the arcade music emulator has been updated to version 0.7.1. You can visit the homepage for the new download. This new version features a new advanced user interface for both the Windows and Linux versions. There's also a number of bugfixes and no less than [...more]
 3 New ReViews! (6 messages)
I was very gladly surprised to find today in my Inbox, not one or two, but three new ReViews by KieferSkunk (previously known as Dorsola). The work has been posted on the ReViews area which is still to be converted to PHP. The new ReViews are for the following titles: "Splat", "Electric Yo-Yo" and "Chrono Trigger"; the [...more]
Saturday, November 30, 2002
 New VBA Translation & Message (4 messages)
Forgotten has posted a new update over at the Visual Boy Advance website. The longest part of the update is targetted at fans of the emulator who keep e-mailing the author asking for special features to be built into the emulator, and he's apparently getting tired of them. This particular emulator is open source, so [...more]
 New BGB! (0 messages)
A new version of the Nintendo Gameboy Emulator known as BGB. You can download this new binary which runs under Windows from the Emulator Download Page. This new version adds support for the Japanese game "Pokemon Crystal". It also fixes the saving of the joystick buttons configuration among other changes. Check out the website for all the details. [comments]
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