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Thursday, January 23, 2003
Virtual Jaguar Sound?? (2 messages)
David Raingeard isn't wasting any time on his Virtual Jaguar project. Yesterday he showed us great looking screenshots, and Today, he offers us sound samples from his preliminary sound support. The games you can listen to are: "Cannon Fodder", "Kasumi Ninja", "Val d'isere Snowboarding" and "Troy Aikman NFL Football". [...more]
Wednesday, January 22, 2003
MAME WIP! (0 messages)
If you want to see the latest on the biggest emulator out there, turn over to the MAME WIP website. You will find there a bunch of new screenshots from games like "Strato Fighter", "Lethal Justice" and others. On the website, there are updates from progress submitted in the past few days. Check it out! [comments]
Virtual Jaguar WIP (2 messages)
David Raingeard has apparently been busy at work on his Virtual Jaguar project, as clearly seen on the WIP update posted today. There are eight new screenshots of "Ultra Vortek" which if I remember correctly, was highly regarded as one of the better fighting games, and one of the best games for the platform. The new [...more]
Tuesday, January 21, 2003
SNEeSe 0.751... (3 messages)
The SNEeSe emulator went through a small update today, going into version 0.751. You can download the binary from the Emulator Download Page. For the source however, I will ask you to visit the emulator's website linked above. This version disables some debugging code which was causing Mosaic to be forced on in background [...more]
Monday, January 20, 2003
Haze's Progress... (0 messages)
HAZE continues to be busy at work developing the System32 driver. This time he added the RGB brightness controls which he notes are used a lot by "Alien 3" and regularly used for fading in other games. There are three new screenshots of "Alien 3" with and without the added functionality so that you can tell the difference. [...more]
CPCE 1.11 (0 messages)
Some bit of news I missed from yesterday. CPCE, the Amstrad CPC Emulator for DOS, DPMI and Windows was updated to version 1.11. This new version fixes a couple of bugs and introduces new scanline modes. You can visit the website to take a look at four different screenshots demonstrating this new feature and take your pick at which one makes it look more like you used to see it on the real thing. Enjoy! [comments]
Sunday, January 19, 2003
PotatoPCE WIP! (0 messages)
There was another update today on the Potato Emulation website about PotatoPCE; the Java based PC Engine / TurboGrafx/16 emulator. There are two new screenshots, and a list of changes that happened since they last updated. For one, sound emulation has been totally rewritten and the graphics emulation improved. The best [...more]
Guru's new ROM Dump... (0 messages)
A short but nice update happened today over at The Guru's ROM Dump News website. The latest ROM to arrive and be dumped is none other than "Laser Ghost", a game released by Sega in 1990. If you want more information on this game, you don't need to look further than System16's page on Sega's System18 board which lists [...more]
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