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Monday, January 27, 2003
Raine 0.37.2!!! (1 messages)
Well, what can I say? It seems Super Sunday was "Super" in more ways than one. There was a MAME and MAME32 releases, RockNES and now RAINE. You can download the newly built DOS and Windows binaries from the Emulator Download Page right now. If you look at the list of changes going into this version, you will realize [...more]
RockNES 2.61! (0 messages)
Looks like the MAME teams were not the only ones busy working on releases. Fx3 was also working on his popular NES emulator RockNES. Version 2.61 is available for download from the Emulator Download Page. This comes just under two weeks from the last release, and includes sound moving up to 16-bit output along with multiple other fixes/changes to other sound functions. Check it out and Enjoy! [comments]
MAME Surprises! (1 messages)
Well, like every good NFL fan, I was watching the Super Bowl today. As I got back to my computer duties, I find that not only has there been a new MAME release, but that the cool guys behind MAME32 updated their software to match the original version already! You can download both binaries from the Emulator Download [...more]
Saturday, January 25, 2003
New VICE! (1 messages)
A new version of the "Versatile Commodore Emulator" known as VICE. You can download from the website, the emulator source, or binary distributions for DOS, Windows, Acorn RISC OS, Os/2, and BeOS! Changes going into this emulator are extensive. For example: improved sprite support for the VIC-II, added UI to the Windows [...more]
Friday, January 24, 2003
The Hot Potato! (0 messages)
Potato Emulation is hot! First of all, congratulations on their hitting 50,000 hits since their beginning. I know the feeling and it's a great one. There are also newly posted reports by David Raingeard about Virtual Jaguar, and ltronic about PotatoPCE. The Virtual Jaguar non-working games list is now 1 game shorter [...more]
KiGB 1.20 with Link Cable! (0 messages)
Well, The Rumor Mill couldn't predict the release date, but the reports were right about the Game Link Cable emulation on KiGB which went into version 1.20 today. You can download both the DOS and Windows ports from the Emulator Download Page while the Linux port is available from the author's website (linked above). [...more]
Virtual Jaguar Compatibility! (0 messages)
If someone has been busy working on their emulator that would David Raingeard and his Virtual Jaguar. He recently took the time to compile a compatibility list for his emulator, and it has been posted on the Potato Emulation website (linked above). I find it very cool that there are 25 fully playable games, 13 working [...more]
Thursday, January 23, 2003
MAME32 0.63.1! (6 messages)
I just got a note from John L. Hardy IV about the release of MAME32 version 0.63.1. You can download this updated binary from the Emulator Download Page. If you're wondering what they have included in this release, here are the changes: Fixed analog dead-zone not being maintained, added folder view for Hard Drive based [...more]
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