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Wednesday, January 29, 2003
The Hotter Potato! (0 messages)
The Potato Emulation website has not one, but two very exciting updates for all you emu fans out there. The first one is in regards to PotatoPCE, the Java based PC Engine / TurboGrafx/16 Emulator! Apparently there is starting to be CD emulation included with the emulator, and there's a screenshot to show it. This has [...more]
Aranym v0.7.0 released! (1 messages)
A new version of ARAnyM was released today following the "Teradesk" release news (also from today) shown on ARAnyM's website. For those wondering, ARAnyM stands for "Atari Running on Any Machine". You can download the complete source from their SourceForge Download Area. This new versions has working Virtual Screens, [...more]
Haze blends... (0 messages)
David Haywood has updated his MAME Page with details about his latest work. He recently started work on Alpha Blending for the System32 driver. While the work has not been completed as of yet, there's a new screenshot from "Golden Axe 2" showing some changes. Be sure to check the website out for a sneak peak at the effect. [comments]
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Milestone... (8 messages)
Well this is surprising, and very exciting. A screenshot posted today at the PCSX2 website with no comments, will certainly spawn hundreds of questions. I won't spoil you the surprise what telling you what the screenshot shows, but I inmediately recognized it. I will let you go and check it out and come up with questions of your own. But feel free to share them on the comments section below... [comments]
New Virtual Jaguar Pics! (0 messages)
There has been a new update over at Potato Emulation with a good number of pictures from Virtual Jaguar in action. Seven of the screenshots seem to come from the game "Cybermorph", then there are two from "Checkered Flag" and two from "Tempest 2000". They are all quite good so be sure to check out the website to take a look. [comments]
Zzap!Raine Anniversary Issue! (0 messages)
To celebrate RAINE's recent release, a new issue of Zzap!Raine has been posted. In this edition, you will find a review for the game "Outzone" as well as a "Milestones" section titled: "The 'pioneers' era (1975-79)" and a new edition of "Rockford's Cave". They're all lengthy articles so be sure to check it out with some time on your hands, so that you can read through them all. Enjoy! [comments]
Arrivals at Guru's ROM Dump! (0 messages)
The Guru reports on his website that he has received a new board from the famous Thierry Lescot (of System16 fame). The new game has already been dumped and it is none other than Capcom's "Power Stone". While I never saw the arcade game, the Dreamcast version was quite nice. For info on the board this game runs on and some pictures of the arcade game, be sure to check out System16's Naomi page. [comments]
Monday, January 27, 2003
WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 5 WIP! (2 messages)
It seems there was one more emulator release yesterday! WinUAE was updated to version 0.8.22 Release 5 WIP! You may download this from the website linked above. New features in this version include configurable boot priority, FPU state file support, better compatibility for the Action Replay 1 and more. All of this accompanied [...more]
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