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InterView with FB's Dave (267 messages)
I'm very proud to have a new InterView on the site after such a long time without one, and this time I'm happy to have the opportunity to get Final Burn's Dave and ask him a few question. Dave really needs no introduction, although I must say most people don't actually know him well. His actions have been surrounded [...more]
InterView with Kyle Davis! (26 messages)
As you probably know, Bliss recently rocked the emulation scene, being the first publically and freely available Intellivision emulator. The author, Kyle Davis, was very happy to allow to be InterViewed here at EmuViews. So, if you want to learn more about this emulator, just read on! Here it is, an InterView with Kyle [...more]
Randy Hoffman InterViewed! (13 messages)
Not so long ago, a site by the name of MAME Targets emerged from out of nowhere, building a huge resource of information where all games not supported by MAME are, or will be listed. The man behind this great site is none other than Randy Hoffman, a MAMEDEV whom spends a lot of time and effort in making sure his site [...more]
Michael Beaver (Mimic) InterViewed! (1 messages)
Mimic is one of recent Multi-Arcade emulators that have recently appeared on the emulation scene. WhileMichael Beaver, author, did not originally intend to, it has actually become a multi-arcade and multi-console emulatorwith external drivers that should make development for it much easier. Read on as Michael and I talk [...more]
Thierry Lescot InterViewed! (20 messages)
During the very first week of EmuViews existence, this very same icon was used for the first ever InterView at EmuViews. Thierry Lescot, then actively working on System 16, was gracious enough to honor us with his answers to a few questions. With the recent posting at the EV Board by Spooky and others, and recent renewed [...more]
Mike Green InterViewed! (9 messages)
Although we've all read about RetroFX, Mike Green was the firstauthor to ever release an emulator that would play 're-touched' versionsof the game, while still having an emulation core taking care of thegameplay. Thus, a new type of emulator was born, named PacManDX. Whilewe have just learned that the project will be put [...more]
InterView - ContraSF (0 messages)
When many of us thought that UltraHLE's speed wouldbe unparalleled for a long time, out of nowhere comesCorn.Corn is a brand new Nintendo 64 emulator which also employsHigh Level Emulation to get great speeds on regularcomputers today. I decided to ask the author, ContraSF foran InterView and he gladly accepted. So I [...more]
anticupid talks to the Raine team (2 messages)
JoseQ here... Most likely the second most popular emulator availabletoday is Raine. With the biggest number of otherwiseunemulated games in its supported list, Raine stands outto be an amazing emulator that we've all come to love (andservers have come to hate). One of our correspondants, anticupid, has taken the task [...more]
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