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 Carl-Henrik Skårstedt InterViewed! (0 messages)
Together with the previously InterViewed Magnus Danielson,Carl-Henrik Skårstedt has been working in various emulationprojects such as Shark and MAME. He's worked hard getting someof the sound chips emulated that had brought you some of thebest music in MAME, as well as the recently released Sharkwhich emulates a slew [...more]
 Ernesto Corvi InterViewed! (0 messages)
Ernesto Corvi has been surprising us with greatadditions to the biggest emulator of all, MAME. Gameslike Double Dragon, King of Boxer, Karate Champ, Pacmania,Super Punch Out are just some of the drivers he has workedon in MAME, after his experiences with Super Wild Card,one of the first SNES emulators (if not the first) [...more]
 InterView with Phil Stroffolino (0 messages)
Phil Stroffolino has contributed numerous drivers to the biggestemulator of them all, MAME. Games like Double Dragon, Renegade, RollingThunder and the System16 series come to mind and we think of the hardwork involved in making those classic games work. Of course, we wereinterested in having Phil InterViewed so that you [...more]
 Gollum InterViewed! (1 messages)
Gollum has made a couple of emulators including the popularBoycott, which emulates the Nintendo Gameboy. Among his otherprojects are NEScott, Mascott and PCott which targets to emulatea PC. We decided to ask him a few questions in the old EV traditionand here are the answers as provided by Frelat Julien, betterknown as [...more]
 EV talks to Paul Leaman (0 messages)
Paul Leaman, MAMEDEV, has been working with emulators for almost twoyears now. He has contributed a good number of drivers the likes of youhave to know about. 1942, Speed Rumbler and more recently, Strider andthe Street Fighter 2 games. In this InterView we get to know Paul andhis views regarding stand alone emulation [...more]
 MAME Drivers gallore, Bryan McPhail (3 messages)
If you have played MAME, you have had to have seen thename Bryan McPhail in one of those credit screens. Manypeople find the name familiar, however this MAME driverauthor has not received the deserved publicity. Albeit hisshyness maybe, he has contributed numerous drivers to theMAME collection, mainly in the Data East [...more]
 Mirko talks MAME (0 messages)
Since when most of us started playing with MAME, MirkoBuffoni has been half of the administrative staff behindMAME. He has devoted a lot of time and effort makingsure MAME stayed on track to be the great emulator that itis. Unfortunately, that has changed. In this InterView, Mirko talks about his retirement from MAME development [...more]
 Richard Bannister - EmuMac (0 messages)
For the not so popular but still strong and powerfulplatform provided by the Mac, few people have dared spenttime to maintain emulation alive in there. Richard Bannister, young Jedi of Macintosh programming, decides toport every living emulator into the Macintosh. In chargeof the Mac port of Retrocade among other things, [...more]
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