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ROMLIST Interviewed Part II! (0 messages)
The other day we ran an InterView with OrG2 of ROMLIST, and as always, the secondhalf of the InterView comes a little after. He has dumped ROM, threatened the EMU communitywith his resignation, but we love him so he decided to come back. So answering some of the questionsfrom OrG's interview, and a small slew of new onew, [...more]
ROMLIST InterViewed! (0 messages)
Standing at the Root of Emulation are the sites from were the ROMs are born,or dumped to be exact. Without ROM dumping, every type of emulation would be virtuallyimpossible. Thanks to ROMLIST, a site runby OrG & CaBBe, many emulators like thepopular NeoRAGEhave come to existence. This is why, we dedicate some [...more]
R.A.G.E. InterViewed (2 messages)
Following yesterday's InterView with Anders, Janne has now answered his set of questions,and the R.A.G.E. duo have answered the questions that were directed to them as ateam. To me R.A.G.E. is one of the best emulators out there as it plays R-typewhich is one of my all time favorites which I couldnt play if it weren't [...more]
Anders InterViewed! (0 messages)
R.A.G.E. is yet another Dynamic Duo of emulation. They areresponsible for the awesome Real Arcade Game Emulator that playedIREM games like R-type and others. More recently, they came outwith NEO R.A.G.E. which is a Neo-Geo emulator. This is part I ofa two part InterView with Anders from the R.A.G.E. team. Pleasetake [...more]
Project UnReality Interviewed (0 messages)
Project UnReality has been under the spotlight latelyas much awaited triumphs (The appearance of spritesfrom Mortal Kombat Trilogy) have developed for Breakpointand his Nintendo 64 emulator. With this in mind Eazy Cheeze, in the company of hisfriend Rob gathered with bpointon IRC to chat about this exciting emulator. [...more]
The Other Half of System16 (0 messages)
A team would not be a team if it had only one person. Earlier this week, wepresented our very first InterView with Thierry Lescot, one of the wonderfulauthors of the System 16 emulator. Today, we give you the other half of the Team,Li Jih Hwa, also known as Nao.
The questions in this interview were sent to Thierry and [...more]
The Voice of Emulation : Shane Monroe (0 messages)
Shane Monroe, owner and master of one of the most popular sites aroundhas been under the spotlight frequently this past few weeks. The reason? Whenit comes to defending the rights of the emulation world, without exception, he'lllet everyone know that we are here to stay and that no IDSA or FBI is going toscare us. Making [...more]
Eazy Cheeze chats with Y0SHi (0 messages)
Jeremy Chadwick ("Y0SHi") is the author of the most complete NES TechSpecifications Document available on the web. He's an excellent personality,and my interview with him proved to be quite informative.
Note: This interview was conducted via IRC by Eazy Cheeze.

Let's start at the beginning... How did you get involved [...more]

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