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InterView with Jerremy Koot! (0 messages)
One of the most prominent SNES emulators around iswith no doubt, SNES9X. With DOS, Windows and many otherports available, it is the most widely available emulatorfor that platform. The main guy behind it, Jerremy Koothas been working for a long time on it, starting on aPentium 133 machine, working towards an emulator [...more]
Pac-Man Fever InterView! (0 messages)
If you've heard any Arcade Classic Video Game related sound track, most likely you've heard "Pac-Man Fever". Author of one of the most popular Video Game songs inhistory, Jerry Buckner, of Buckner & Garcia has taken the time to answer a few questionsfor us in regards to the song, and emulation. Find out what may be coming [...more]
SNEeSe InterViewed! (0 messages)
Well, with all these talk about SNEeSe, don't you thinkit was about time I got a new InterView going? Well, thistime the microphone is placed in front of CharlesBilyue', the author who adopted SNEeSe and brought it backto life. In this InterView we talk about the new SNEeSeand some Nintendo issues related to emulation [...more]
Mike Balfour InterViewed! (0 messages)
Possibly one of the most overlooked MAME developers, Mike Balfourhas contributed over 20 MAME drivers and has made many contributionsto the scene. He has also been part of projects like GoldenApple andeven others you probably haven't even heard of. Recently he evenpublished his own semi-emulator which will put PacMan in [...more]
Jamsponge InterViewed! (0 messages)
One of the most constantly released emulators in the last few dayshave been Jamsponge's HU6280. The latest news have brought us the Windows versionof this PC Engine / Turbografx16 emulator. Read on this InterView, tofind out what the future of HU6280 looks like. Released source? CDEmulation? You may find out what you want [...more]
InterView with Neil Bradley (0 messages)
Two times InterViewed already and certainly not shy to answeringquestions, Neil Bradley is once again put under the EV spotlight asI asked him a few questions about his latest doings and undoings.If you want to know the latest and greatest details about Retrocade,Windows Retrocade and what's next for Retrocade, take a [...more]
Telekawaru InterViewed! (0 messages)
Well, there has not been a lot of stuff happening today, so howabout an InterView to give you something to read? This time, theInterViewee position goes to Telekawaru.He has been in charge of the DOS port of Snes9X for a while now,and he wanted to answer a few questions, so sure enough, I sentthem to him. In here you'll [...more]
Nicola Salmoria InterViewed! (2 messages)
By far the most popular emulator, MAME, has beencarefully developed by an elite group of C programmers withone goal, to preserve our Arcade History. Going back to itsroots, when it was just one man, we find Nicola Salmoria,the foundation of what probably got you into the worldof emulation. With no needed introduction, [...more]
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