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Street Fighter by Sungam
Game:Street FighterCompany:Capcom

To starts this, my first review for EmuViews (actually my first public review ever), I better let you know that I'm a HUGE fan of the Street Fighter series, so even if this game isn't all that good, I may give it some credit... And that's exactly what I'm gonna do, 'cause this game is really, really bad!
If you've ever played Street Fighter 2 (and is a sane human being) you know that it's controls marvels in front of every other fighting game ever made! It requires skill prior to fast reflexes and luck, unlike most other games of its genre. That is what made the game so darn good... and it is what makes Street Fighter (SF1 from now on) so darn bad. You see, controls are practically non-exsistant in SF1. There actually are special moves in SF1. I know it, 'cause I've actually pulled of a Tatsu-Maki-Senpu-Kyaku (Hurricane Kick) once. Problem is that they're so hard to do that I've never since been able to do it and I'm a well-trained SF2 player who normally has no problem whatsoever with pulling off special moves. This leaves the game with very few aspects of gameplay... It's possible to block, but it's so slow that you'll hardly ever make it. Actually the only thing you can really do is move back and forth, throwing a few punches and kicks all the while your computer controlled opponent moves around the battlefield gracefully and kicks your ass... which leads to my next complaint: Because of the bad controls, it's simply impossible to beat the computer in this game! At least at my level... I once won a single round I believe... I suppose I had a lucky day. "Wait a minute! Didn't you say up there that you might give this game credit??? So far it seems that you've only bashed at the poor old thing!" Well fear not! This game actually has it's good sides, although they are few: The graphics are actually pretty good for their time. I own the PC version of the game and it looks like crap compared to the arcade! Nice big sprites and fairly good backgrounds. Only things I can complain about is the animation, but then again it isn't all that bad for it's time (1987), and the fact that Ryu has red (yes, RED) hair...
On the sound side it isn't all that good... The background music is fair during battles but utter crap during the rest of the game. The sound effects are actually pretty good. By that I don't mean that it sound like you're really hitting your opponent's jaw but that you know when you've hit and when you haven't. It seems that there is supposed to be speech in between fights which would be pretty cool but unfortunately these sound like the dying Darth Vader speaking through a 10-feet sewer pipe on my computer... Maybe it's a problem with my MAME configuration or it might be an emulation bug. Which there are pretty few of now that we're on the subject. I've experienced a few slowdowns on my K6-2 380MHz but that could be from running too many programs at once under windows 98, but it happens rarely and the game normally runs perfect. There aren't any graphic glitches that I am aware of.
If this game is so bad, why do I keep coming back to it? I suppose it's the good old nostalgy that kicks in. I remember playing just one round of this in the arcades once about 5 years ago. It was in a travelling market which came by my home town then ran off again and I've never seen the arcade of this little game ever since. Sure, it hasn't got the least bit gameplay, but I still keep coming back to this one, just to see if I can't beat that first opponent... The replay value I give it is not based upon this though, since I would think that only a few people, like me, would ever want to load this up again after seeing it once. One thing that might make this game playable at best is the two-player mode, in which you get to see Ken! I haven't tried this mode though, so it might be utter crap like the rest. All in all, a very bad game, definitly doesn't live up to it's name. If you're a hardcore Street Fighter fan go get it, if not then don't bother.
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