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Rockman by Sungam

Megaman... one of the games that fits into -my- childhood memories. Unlike the majority of other reviewers here, I am a teenager, born in '82 (at least the other guys -seem- a bit older ^_^). That's not to say that I don't find the older games entertaining, it's just that they're not what I grew up with.
Megaman 1 was my most beloved game for my NES, which had to be a substitute for arcades in my case because arcades simply aren't all that popular here in denmark... I simply loved the gameplay Capcom had packed into the little blue boy. Now, what seems like eons later, I get the pleasure of controlling the little blue boy again. And what makes it even more perfect is that I can choose to beat up CutMan, GutsMan, AirMan, WoodMan and all the others which I fought against years ago.
All of the gameplay is still here, although it doesn't play as nicely with my SideWinder gamepad as it did with my old NES pads, or even better the arcade which I was lucky enough to play while visiting Spain. I just have to get me one o' those HotRods ^_^.
The game is simple and yet very unique. You start off by choosing your character which can be either Megaman (Rockman), Protoman (Blues) or Bass (Forte). One of my few complaints is that there isn't that much of a difference between the three characters. They have varying attack strengths and dash forms, but I'd like to see some more unique differences, like different special weapons etc. Anyway, after you've selected your character you need to select which episode you wish to play. Again you have three options: Megaman 1-2, Megaman 3-6 or Megaman 7. This simply means what boos characters you are to battle. Choosing Megaman 1-2 will send bosses that appeared in the two first games after you, 3-6 will send those bosses etc.
After making all of these selections you are taken to the stage select screen in the good ol' Megaman fashion. Now here comes the unique part: Instead of playing through a whole level of monstrous proportions filled with every blueboy killing machine you could dream of, you are taken directly to the boss! Beat him and you go back to the stage select screen and this is repeated until you've beat all of the regular bosses. Then you're taken to the sub-final boss (didn't know what to call it in a game filled with bosses ^_^). Beat him and you're off to battle good ol' crazy Dr. Wily! Beat him (and beat his little escape shuttle before the time runs out) and he'll be begging for mercy just as he did back in Megaman 1. You just gotta love that! ^_^
On the gameplay side it's slightly more advanced than the NES games. You can charge up your arm cannon as in Megaman 4+, slide/dash (depending on your character) as in Megaman 3+, and jump off walls. Of course you also get to use the weapons of the opponents you beat, which will help you defeat your opponent if you make the right choice. One of the few gameplay problems is that you have to cycle through all of your special weapons to get the one you want. In the heat of battle this can be a little frustrating... But then again, the game is pretty easy already, so this might just pump up the challenge score a little.
A great feature is that it supports two players. This is a really fun mode, although it's a bit confusing and I've actually found it to be somewhat harder (I can't beat the entire game without getting hit when I play with a friend).
Graphics are as good as you could ever want 'em to be. Very nice sprites, good animation, giant bosses, really nice backgrounds... it's all there. This has defenitly been improved a lot since the NES days. Of course it had to, seeing as this game is from 1995. Sound is very good too. Cute little tunes mixed with nice "speech" each time your character gets hit or fires his weapon. The sound effects also give you a very good idea of what's going on, booming each time you hit your opponent.
Only downside is that there are quite a few emulating bugs when you run it under MAME. Lots of graphic glitches and sound is choppy. Play it under Callus however and you'll get perfect emulation at an amazing speed. I've put the Performance score as in MAME, if you play under Callus I'd immediately give it a 10!
All in all, I love this game, if I could I'd give it three thumbs up, unfortunately I only have two ^_^
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