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U.N. Squadron by Sungam
Game:U.N. SquadronCompany:Capcom

If you've been reading my reviews so far, you might have noticed a trend for Capcom games. This is simply because I love just about all of Capcom's games! And U.N. Squadron is no exception. I love shooters, especially two-player ones, and this has to be my favourite game in that genre. You get to choose between three pilots each with their own strenghts and weaknesses. One excels at shooting, another at speed, and the third at defense.
You have to battle your way through 10 stages, all filled with more enemies than you'll ever get a chance to count. Each stage ends with a big bad boss, which usually eats up quite a few credits on my part. You see, this game is hard... very hard. But not hard in a bad way. After all, you've got free credits, and even if you didn't I'd still play this game all the way through, even if it took all my savings.
During the course of the game, you get a chance to power up your shots. This is done by shooting the red enemies and picking up the little thingy they leave behind. Sounds unoriginal? It is, but it's still incredibly fun to see how high a level you can get your shots to, especially if you're two players competing for those power-ups while there's about 20 enemies around you all shooting off their missiles and a wide variety of other types of shots.
There isn't all that many different enemies, which normally would make the game repetitive and boring, but the stages you fight them in differ so much that each stage is something to look forward to. You'll start off in an industrial area (some kind of airport perhaps?), then you're in the open sky, after that it's into the desert and so it continues. The seventh stage is especially entertaining, when you start off in another industrial area and suddenly the speed picks up tremendously while enemies still appear all around you! The you fly up into the open and continue the stage.
Graphics are, as you've come to expect from Capcom, gorgeous! The backgrounds are really well done, although you probably won't get too many chances to see them during the heat of battle. The sprites might be a bit small, but they are highly detailed. The bosses are HUGE, usually you can't fit 'em in one screen so you'll be flying back and forth trying to take them down. The bosses also differ a lot from each other and each one is cooler than the last one. Especially the last boss (which takes up the entire tenth level) is incredible, filling up about 4 screens and having more cannons tagged onto it than any other boss in the game.
Sound is also great! The music in this game is actually good, unlike most other game's "blip blop" music, this one has well composed tunes that you'll enjoy listening to... if you get the chance. 'Cause the enemies won't give you the time to stop up and listen!
Gameplay is great... or at least it is if you've got something else than a normal gamepad (I want that dang HotRod!!!)... I find it very hard to avoid enemy shots with my SideWinder game pad. The real fun part of the game doesn't start until you're two players together. That is when this game accelerates to a whole new dimension. I've had some incredibly fun battles while desperately competing with a friend to see who can get the bigger shots ^_^.
On the emulation side... there isn't much to complain about while playing it with Callus. I did notice a few graphic glitches under MAME, but it seemed to work fine most of the time.
This is another great game out of Capcom, I recommend everybody give it a go!
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