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Quiz & Dragons - September 26, '99 by Maddog
Game:Quiz & DragonsCompany:Capcom

Capconia,once a prospering and beautiful kingdom, seems to be ruined forever. Gordian, an evil warlock has seized the seed of wisdom and sent his monsters to lay waste on the land and its' people. The King, has ordered his four finest men (...and women ;) to put an end to Gordian's mischief and restore peace and safety.
So far,the plot seems to be guiding to a standard fighting or platform game,where the four brave will face the monsters in the field of battle, using the persuasion powers of steel and magic to drive the beasts away. But,no sires, this time the monsters are of the intellectual type :) The only way to destroy their power is to answer their series of questions, on all kinds of interesting or just obscure trivia!
Well,I guess I have to congratulate Capcom on coming up with the weirdest excuse for a quiz game anyone has ever seen :P Basically, it all sums up to you answering questions correctly. Answer enough of them within the allocated time (the number varies for each monster and gets progressively bigger) and you get to move on to the next monster and finally, after seven gruelling stages, to Gordian himself. Defeat him too,and peace and quiet will be restored in the tormented kingdom... Each of your four warriors has an unique ability, which will help him.For example, the amazon can often choose between only 2 or 3 answers instead of the standard 4,while the ninja can sometimes cause double damage (=answering two questions at once). Along the way, you'll find magical objects or friendly elves and innkeepers, which will help you a bit in your all but impossible quest. The questions range from fairly easy to completely crazy. In any case, you'll need quite a good sum of knowledge to go on.Of course, you also have a 25% chance of bumping on the correct answer by luck,so keep your lucky horseshoe with you all the time...it's probably the most necessary magical item you'll need in your quest! ;)
Graphics in the game are just functional,as it is mostly text based.Sound is decent, but none too exciting either. What I guess though, is that if you're a fan of the genre, none of this matters. The questions are rather challenging and don't seem to repeat themselves all the time, so the game's lastability and challenge will be more than enough for a while. Generally, I manage to answer about 50-60% of the questions and I'm not the most ignorant man on earth you know :P For the most perverted among you,try the Japanese version! (doesn't count if you come from Japan yourself...). Another welcome option is the simultaneous 2-player game, which will give that little extra value to the game.
Biggest shortcoming is the nature of the game,as it should be labelled "fan-only". If you enjoy games like Trivial Pursuit, this will make your bread and butter. If not...forget it! The questions also seemed to me to be a little US-oriented. How on earth could anyone not US based know about some obscure US TV-shows or the NFL? Of course this won't matter to more than half of you readers, as the US accounts for about half of the emulation fans around the globe, but the other half would probably want some more general questions... Another cursing source is the occasional "wrong button" syndrome, as it is n't always obvious which button is which and you'll probably end up pressing the wrong one from time to time. Aaaargh...#@$$#%!!##@!!
Quiz and Dragons is emulated in Callus and MAME.To me, Callus is still unsurpassed in terms of speed and quality of emulation, so I recommend using it to play the game.In any case, no glitches seem to harm your enjoyment,so fans go grab it now!It is a welcome change from the constant bashing and shooting that other games offer.
Well, it is said that the wit is stronger than the sword. This game offers you a chance to prove it yourself. Dust off your knowledge database, take an encyclopedia with and...go! Capconia is desperately waiting...
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