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Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer - October 3, 1999 by Max Diablo
Game:Voltage Fighter GowcaizerCompany:Technos Japan

Just a few notes before I start reviewing this game. First off, it took me about an hour and a half to get with a 26.4kb connection, so be prepared to wait. Second, I highly recommend you play this game with some kind of a gamepad or joystick. Either of those must also have 4 buttons. Finally, I reviewed this on a 400mhz Pentium 2 Processor with an 8mb video card that does have direct draw. The reason I mention this is that the Neo-Geo system in general is rather recent, and the games are actually comparable to some of the 2-D games of today. Well then, on with the review!
To start, you're probably wondering what in the world kind of game would be named Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. Well, there are two reason.
  • This is a fighting game, with a character named Gowcaizer in it.
  • This is a Japanese Anime style game.

    That will hopefully help any of you out there.

    Next up is a favorite topic of mine, graphics. You will say two things when you see the graphics in this game.(Hmm, I think I'm on a two things kick right now.)

  • Wow, wow, and wow some more.
  • How did she fit into that thing?
    The explanation for reason 1 is that you will quickly realize why this game took so long to download. The backgrounds are just downright phenomenal. They are each detailed and colorful, from an armageddon view of Japan to a dance club. Each has different animations happening in the background, from leaves blowing around in the background to perfectly drawn people cheering the home fighter on. The explanation to reason 2 is that the two female fighters in this game wear the tightest, most revealing clothes that I have ever seen in a tournament fighter.
    Next up is the play control. The controls react perfectly to your every move, although you may want to look over the guide that I am including along with this review. The reason for that is that if you don't know the moves, your are going to lose. Which leads me onto the next point, which is challenge. The challenge of this game is perfect. You can either try it in arcade mode, which is always set on the hardest setting, or in home mode, which lets you set the difficulty a little lower. I suggest you just go for it in the arcade mode, because the challenge is what makes this game. I've looked through it pretty thoroughly and have yet to find a "cheap move". A cheap move, for those of you who don't know, is a move that can be used over and over without any chance of the opponent ever being able to counter it. One little hint though, don't ever get frustrated if you keep losing. Just keep trying.
    Now for my all time favorite topic, sound. If anyone knows where I can get the soundtrack for this game, e-mail me immediately. The music is just perfect. It is of the early 90s upbeat techno/rock video game music that can usually be found in the older Super Nintendo and Genesis games. You will never get tired of listening to it. The sound effects are really great too, with the hits and misses sounding great and the added bonus of the characters actually talking.
    Next up is replay value, which this game has a lot of thanks to its challenge. The fact that there are 8 fighters and supposedly a few hidden ones(the bosses) keeps this game fun for a long time.
    Finally, I will talk about the performance. As I noted earlier, I have a powerhouse for a computer, so it ran at about 58-60 frames a second consistently on mine. Also, as I stated earlier, I did not try the keyboard, and I personally don't think you would even have a chance of winning if you did, so the score I give for performance is based on my computer. Just remember, Neo-Geo games are big and powerful, so you may want to download a smaller one first just to see if you computer can handle it.
    In general, you must try this game no matter who you are. Seamless battles are just fun, and this game has them in spades. (If you are wondering where my normal instructions on how to play the game are, I've decided to include a guide that I found on the Internet. I did not write this, so please give credit to the person who did.)
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