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The Simpsons - October 22, '99 by Bifordus Maximus
Game:The SimpsonsCompany:Konami

DOH! I mean WOOHOO! Homer's catch phrases are known by everyone in the U.S. maybe-other countries too. I know it's in Spanish. For those who don't know who the Simpson's are, I will give a short explanation. The Simpson's first started out as animated skits on the Show called the Tracy Ullman show. I believe that was in the late 80's. Later they finally got here own TV series. So far it is the longest running animated sitcom on Television. In the beginning it was the only one. The Cast starts with Homer who is the father of the children and husband to Marge (If you ask me, he gets dumber every year). Marge or Margaret is the wife with the blue-beehive-hairdo, a pearl necklace and a green dress. Talk about tacky! Then we have Bart the mischief-maker. He is always causing trouble for people. Next is Lisa. She's the smart one in the family and she is pretty good with the saxophone. Finally we have Maggie who is the baby in the family who has only said one word since their 10 years (I think) on television.
The game starts off with the family walking down the street after a fun day of window-shopping. Suddenly Mr. Smithers runs out of a jewelry store apparently after robbing it. He runs into the Simpson family which sends a Diamond flying into the air dropping into Maggies mouth which takes the place of her pacifier. Mr. Smithers takes Maggie instead of removing the diamond from her mouth and runs down the street. Then the Simpson adventure starts...
You can start the game with one of four characters: Marge, Homer, Bart, and Lisa. And it's really cool cause when you put a credit in with the slot corresponding with that person; they say their name. This game is more fun if you have extra players with you or just configure your joystick to control all four members. What attracted me the most was ironically the attract mode. When hearing the theme song to the Simpson's I simply jumped for joy (in privacy of course). The whole game has you running after Smithers, beating up various employees' of the nuclear powerplant trying to get Maggie back. The levels and characters are pretty cool to look at, since everything has big sprites and colors are plentiful. You go through assorted stages including an amusement park to the great outdoors, Moe's tavern and even a dream sequence. There are also bonus stages but they're a tad on the easy side. The play control is good but not great. Trying to pull off that special attack is difficult with a controller but especially with the keyboard. The Bosses are mostly cheap though. Like when you have no choice but to get hit. I HATE that! The sound and the music in the game are damn near perfect! Stage 2 has the best music in my opinion, and the stage 1 boss makes the best noise. I say that in relation to the original arcade game. Not all the sounds are perfect but it's only noticeable by people who have actually played both. Konami struck gold with this game back in 1991, and the fact that it is still in arcades today, 8 years later making money (yes, I still pay) proves that this is a remarkable game. But unfortunately with my P2 300 I have some slowdown when I play it on MAME. The requirements for this game may scare most people away. For Diehard Simpson fans only.
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