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Forgotten Worlds - October 28, '99 by Bifordus Maximus
Game:Forgotten WorldsCompany:Capcom

"You can not stop me with paramecium alone!" I love those words. I don't know why but I do. I was but a wee lad when this game came out (if you saw pictures of me you would think otherwise) in 1988. This was one of the fist csp1 games, or the first, IM not sure. Seeing this game again brings a tear to my eye. Forgotten worlds means just what it says. And I assume these guys are forgotten soldiers. This is also who of the first politically correct capcom games or as my 7-year-old nephew would say "comcap". What's with Capcom and their obsession with Zenny...?
Supposedly the war god has been acting up again and he has released his dragon henchmen throughout the galaxy (this is only an assumption as there is only one picture). The first stage is what appears to be a post world war 3 stage (I think). While your character is hovering about (using psyonic powers?) He has to destroy the evil flying lizards, the robotic lizards, and the flying robotic lizards with missiles (see a pattern yet). When garbage attacks you know there is something wrong also. The stage ends up Going through what looks like a factory and you end up fighting a paramecium. That can magically lift garbage and surround itself with it. If you think this stage sounds weird, it's nothing compared to the latter stages. Now I see why these are forgotten worlds (or maybe just left out). Every stage is unique from the other except for about three. A couple of stages look like they could've been used in the movie "Stargate". Sometimes when you kill enemies--money magically pops out which is known as Zenny. You can use these at the shops that Mysteriously pops out from the ground (just add water).
Forgotten worlds can be difficult at first the controls take sometime to master. Try using the mouse and the arrow keys at the same time! Now that's skill! Your guy that you control can shoot in all directions and at the same time move. This was meant to be all in one joystick but I don't think anyone has those anymore. The controls are responsive as long as you know where you are going. For some strange reason when things explode it sounds like someone's popping popcorn (check the Wargod). The sound is not bad but it's questionable. The music is excellent (something I expect with capcom) as each stage fits the tune that goes with it. The graphics are average except for the bosses. The stage boss are very detailed but not animated as much as they should've been although I guess the war god is an exception. The game is a tad on the easy side even on hard (using keyboard and mouse). I had no problem getting to the last stage on one "virtual coin (courtesy of Maddog)". But the game is just so fun. Each level is unique in it's own sometime small kind of way. It's nonstop action from start to finish. And you will probably want to play it again after that. I don't get tired of it.
This game gets my "three thumbs up"(problem at birth). This game is awesome for lack of a better vocabulary. If I could I would buy the original but I'm poor. Capcom is known for making outstanding games and this one really shines. Being the first of it's kind on the cps-1 hardware shows that capcom takes their games seriously. I have not seen Capcom make a bad game besides Streetfighter 3 (I consider that a bad sequel). If you have a fast computer or you want to play a "good" game then definitely get this one. But I think everyone should have this game regardless of how fast your computer is. You will still enjoy it! It stands out from the rest and you will not be disappointed... Unless you have an OLD version of MAME. This game will never be forgotten.
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