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Do! Run Run - November 7, 1999 by Dorsola
Game:Do! Run RunCompany:Universal

Mr. Do! is back in this all-out sequel of the game, Mr. Do! (Gee, whoda thunk it?) In this remake, which is by definition a true sequel to the first game, you're given a pseudo-3D view of your playing field, with plateaus and short cliffs that you and your enemies can (and must) climb up and down in order to maneuver. You're once again armed with your handy powerball, which you can throw at your enemies to blow them up. The goal? Either rid the level of all enemies, or collect all of the dots on the screen (a la Pac Man).
Here's where the game gets interesting: You now have two different types of foes to avoid in Do Run Run. One looks like a serpent of some sort, which can roll up into a fireball and fly at you, and the other... hmm... what is that? It's green, has a really big red mouth and eyes (in the mouth!) and little feet. Ugly little beast. If you take too long in a level, both of these foes will occasionally transform into faster and smarter versions of themselves. To defeat them, you can either hit them with your powerball or crush them with large logs that are conveniently placed on top of some of the hills in each level.
Oh, and let's not forget about the EXTRA letters: Occasionally, you can lure one of these walking letters out of its lair by effective use of the rolling logs. The more conventional way, which brings back a key strategy in the original Mr. Do!, is to surround a portion of the playfield with your trail line, which upgrades the dots into various types of fruit, for more points. Usually, this will also reveal the secret hiding place of a letter summoner, which brings forth the selected letter and three funny-looking bad guys, which pursue you relentlessly. Once you have collected all five letters, you get an extra life.
Those of you who read my Mr. Do! review probably already know that I didn't pay enough attention to its gameplay when I reviewed it. Nevertheless, Do Run Run is a bit easier for the most part than its predecessor, but the enemies are SMART! I've seen them predict my movements and change their own to match, so that they can intercept me much more effectively than a simple chase would do. However, even with the improved AI and the different dynamics of gameplay, it tends to be a little repetitive at times, so this is the ONLY reason it's not getting top marks for Challenge and Gameplay.
As for graphics and sound: Universal made a significant improvement here since the original. The music is a little on the loud and tedious side, but it's wacky and cute in its own way. Sound is reasonable, though you don't make any noise as you pick things up, and sometimes it's a little hard to determine what's going on by the sound effects. Graphics are nicely detailed and look 3D enough to be convincing. (The overall view of the game is not perfectly vertical, but more the forward slant you see in overhead "arena style" games like Smash TV, etc.) For the time period, Do Run Run was a good eye-catcher.
Do Run Run has been supported in MAME for a very long time - in fact, it's kinda ironic that, even though it was the last (or second-to-last) game in the Mr. Do! series, it was emulated first - Mr. Do! itself, as well as Mr. Do's Castle and Mr. Do's Wild Ride, came out in later versions of MAME. By now, its emulation is perfect, and it's quite fast. You should have no problem playing this game even if you're on a P-133. :) So try it out now!
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