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Track'n Field & Hypersports by BMan2
Game:Track'n Field & Hyper SportsCompany:Konami

Button bashers of the world unite!!!! These are your games!! Yes folks, today we remember Track and Field and Hyper Sports - two of the few joystickless games to haunt pinball arcades of the early 80's. The premise is simple. You have a man - and the faster you bash the buttons - the faster he runs, swims, tumbles etc - much to the distaste of the local arcade owner. Your times/distances are converted into points - in a decathlon type point system and accumulated throughout the events. However, fall behind the qualifying mark for each event - and it's game over.
Track and Field (also known as Hyper Olympics) has 6 events - 100m, Long Jump, Javelin, 110m hurdles, Shot Put and High Jump - Hyper Sports gives you 6 more (100 freestyle, Skeet Shooting, Gymnastics, Archery, Weightlifting and Pole Vault) each requring differing levels of timing with the run and jump buttons - or just a straight out bashthon to the end. You have the option to set the game to end at the first round of events - or loop endlessly - with the qualifying marks getting harder and harder to achieve.
The graphics of both of these games are simple - VERY simple - I mean - let's face it folks - VGA graphics was invented 6 years after these games was - and 32 colours was a REAL luxury. However - they serve the purpose adequately - although there are a FEW perspective problems in there to keep you guessing. Sound is sample based, and adds VERY scratchy sampled sound to the game - so you can hear the bang basically. Overall, on technical specifications - these games aren't worth the ROM chips they're burnt on.
So what's the atttraction? - these games were REAL coin grabbers in their time - and I'll hazard a guess that most serious MAME freaks have one of these in their collection.
Competition. One of the greatest features of this game was that you entered your initials at the START of the game - and tried to progressively set the "World Record" for each event. Furthermore - for those of you lucky enough to remember the arcade box - there was few sweatier arcade experiences than two people side by side furiously trying to outbash each other on the buttons. Both games oooooze playability - and the "come back" factor is high for experienced gamers - and the "MAME???? WTF is MAME" type .... (I'm also told by semi-reliable sources that this is a multi-gender games - and there are some DAMN fast women out there ..... )
To differentiate between the games is difficult - they use the same setup for almost EVERYTHING. BUT - the difficulty level of Track and Field is WAY too much on the easy side of things - you'll soon find yourself looping endlessly through the events as the button bashing becomes boring (I gave up on my best game at WELL over 2 million points.) Hyper Sports events are not only a little bit different to the norm (the Archery requires some fairly delicate timing and ranks as the hardest of the events IMO) - and thus keeps the interest there longer - and I dare ANYONE to break the world record on the Triple Jump.
All in all - two highly enjoyable games - with the latter coming out slightly on top if only for the extra difficulty factor. A final note to MAME players - the faster your comp - the faster you have to push - I found my old Cyrix 150 was PERFECT for generating those 7.9 second 100m's - and MAME32 gives it even MORE of a push along. Keep it in mind.
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