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King Of Boxer by BMan2
Game:King Of BoxerCompany:Data East

Ladieeeees and gentlemen!!!! Break out the bikini girls and put on the gloves - King Of Boxer has entered the fray in the latest incarnation of MAME - and not before time either I hear you say. Grab your joystick and head into the ring for some button bashing, head mashing fun.
Made in 1985 - this is a game that has stood the test of time - providing the player with a game that is fun - and lasting. And one thing must be said - this game is no easy beat. Your opponents get faster and faster as you progress through the rounds - and you get .. well .. you get older :)
Graphics on this game are quite simple, yet effective - providing you with a slight isometric point of view. The characters are drawn in a very exaggerated cartoon style - and the face of your opponent getting hit by straight jab will always bring a smile to your face.
But not for long - remember I said this game is hard - and while you may jab and hook (your two punches) your opponent to submission with relative ease in the first round - round two gets real hard - real quick - a definite downer for the button basher. Rushing in flailing the arms is DEFINITELY not the approach to take - unless you feel like being met with a flurry of leather followed by a mouthful of canvas. It is here the main flaw of the game lies, because amongst your arsenal of moves is a block/sway button. And while this button can be used to duck and delived a lethal body punch to the opponent - often it is a pointless pursuit in the midst of a fifteen punch flurry from your opponent. So, without some definite cautioness on your parts - expect the "game over" commiseration music often.
Music in the game is quite sparse - and apart from the appearance of "Baby Elephant Walk" at the high score entry screen - add's little to the game. The sound effects, however, are appropriately corny to match the cartoonesque appearance of the fighters. It is nice to see also, the samples of your opponent (or yourself for that matter) getting counted out are quite clear and audible - not that you're listening if you're on the canvas flailing the buttons to try and get up.
Of course there must be SOME sort of objective for you here - and as in life - it's the eternal pursuit of money - though if you can find a pro boxer who'll take a $5000 purse for 8 rounds of sweatiness - good luck. You are awarded money for the amount of hits you lay on your opponent - and the prize money for the fight - which increases appropriately as you venture through the rounds. You can also add some "cheap money" to your tally by some super knockout punches - which send your opponent flying to the other side of the ring - or even right out of it!! In addition to this, you are offered a "bonus" purse in some fights if you can nominate the round in which you stop your opponent. Continues are available - but alas your earnings are reset after every defeat. It's a hard road to the top - and if anyone can get past the 15 fights needed to beat the highest score - well - you're a better boxer than I :)
Overall - King Of Boxer is a game that ducks away from any sense of realism - and instead gives the player a challenging - yet strangely engaging game to get their gloves around. Seconds out!!
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1999 EmuViews