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Street Fighter 2 by BMan2
Game:Street Fighter 2Company:Capcom

Big claim?? I don't think so. Chances are - if you're playing a one on one fighting game right now - it has it's roots firmly planted in the Capcom game "Street Fighter 2" SF2 not only introduced to the world and new style of fighting game - which had slick graphics and loads of characters - but proper special moves for the player to skillfully achieve and use to advantage. The creator the genre if you will.
So what's so great about SF2 I hear you scream? The fighter market is CLOGGED with one on one, two dimensional fighters that are FAR superior to this old game in the technological sense. And true - on technical specifications, move lists, death moves and combo lists - SF2 pales into the shadowy corner of the arcade. But take a GOOD look at the fighter you're playing. Chances are if you're throwing a fireball - it's QCF + punch you're pressing - and the Dragon Punch is almost standard terminology for the Forward, Down, Diagonal Down/Towards motion ... So while SF2 might not be as good as your latest all new super fighting game - but it has contributed more to its development than most people care to recognise.
So a sequel to a game becomes a trendsetter? Well, Capcom had the basic CONCEPT pretty right in Street Fighter 1, but executed it poorly. In fact, they could be accused of making SF1 a little bit TOO new. The pressure sensitive buttons on the game - while giving the game a gimmick - were an unusable control method - often resulting in you floundering for the keys as your computer opponent obliterated your character before your eyes.
But then they got it right. A game was unleashed upon the arcade world - and it had SIX buttons to choose from - not since Defender had the console been so populated. A closer look revealed a variety of special moves you could use against your opponents - and these ones took some skill to perform. A closer look still - and the opinion was unanimous. WOW - this game looks COOL. And so it was - becoming THE arcade game to play in ....
In Street Fighter 2, you are offered 8 characters to choose - each one having their own "personality" as well as a varying arsenal of special moves. You move from country to country (read: backdrop to backdrop :P) fighting the other seven computer opponents - before meeting three "hidden" characters on your way to fighting the evil M.Bison. Along the way - you are given a rest with three bonus stages - that actually tend to detract from the fast paced action of the game - most of them taken from scenes in Final Fight.
On playing SF2 today, you'll probably notice how "stripped" of features it seems to be - no engineered combo's - no Death/Super moves and no Fatality Moves. Yet, it is for this feature that I STILL to this day put my dollar in the slot of this game. Street Fighter 2 is pure fighting - and especially in a two-player match - you need guile and skill to beat your opponent - not just a quick hand on the Super Move button. The collision detection is superb - and the knife-edge feat of "1 bar of energy left" fighting - is sweat raising at the best of times - safe from the knowledge you can't be cheaply beaten by a random Super Combo Move etc.
Get the impression I like this game - even to this day. You're right - but as with all games - it must have it's faults. SF2 unfortunately, is a little bit on easy side - especially today with the complexity of fighters. I'm sure most experience arcade players have completed the original Street Fighter 2 with every character - and even know the Cossack dance with Gorbachev :P. As a two player game - the usual rivalry that these one on one fighting games produces comes to the fore - but instead - you must outwit your opponent - rather than overpowering them with joystick dexterity.
Street Fighter 2 IMO IS the inspiration for the current swarm of fighters we have on the market. Love it or hate it - you can't deny the incredible influence it has had on arcade gaming in the last couple of years. So let out a great "Ha-du-ken" scream - and wrap your fingers around a joystick - this game is a keeper.
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